Rule adjustments for Play reviewing

I think that there needs to be some minor adjustments for Play Review.

I believe that they need to make the rule that once the Referee blows his whistle to initiate the next play you are unable to challenge the call.

my reason is, that teams could start to run plays to get the snap off ASAP really fast if they are unsure about their last play. run a play fast and intentionally make sure the challenging team cannot challenge.

don't wait till the snap, make the challenge have to be made before the whistle is blown.

Not sure how to make this the most equitable. Right now some teams have more time than others to decide because the clock has stop and there is a need for the referee to blow the play in. What do you do when the clock runs? Clock management is part of the game and you can't take that away from teams. I don't think there is a solution that would give teams equal oppurtunity on each play so you have to allow the challenge, like a time-out, to be called up to the point where the ball is snapped to be fair to all.

ya but the thing I am arguing is that how do you know for sure if the Coach gets that flag out in time or not?

like what happens if the coach throws his flag just as the ball is being snapped and he then begins to argue that he got the flag out in time?

I see nothing wrong with the present situation. I'm in favour of change when there is an improvement in the game but I see no purpose for change for the sake of change.

As for the "what if" a coach throws the flag at the time of the snap - the same "what if" would occur if the a coach throws the flag at the time of the whistle.

then the challenge is not accepted, pretty easy there.

There are officials standing basically on the side line and the coach, knowing he is considering a challenge, stands beside that official. Check out some replays, the coach is always right beside an official when he throws the flag just be fore the snap and no doubt he is talking to that official too. The cameras are on the play so it always looks like the flag is late but when they show you a shot that includes the sidelines and line of scrimmage the flag is out just before the snap.

I'd like to see the following review rule changes:

  • Ball spot review allowed on any down. If after review, the ball is not within one yard of first down marker, team is charged with a timeout. This is prevent a ball spot from being used as a game delay tactic.
  • Teams allowed to challenge at any time, including in the last minutes of game.

but the league already does challenges itself in the last 3 minutes, so that’s already taken care of.

I dunno if these are really productive to improve the game.

I do think that Coaches need to learn more about how to use their challenge when it’s truly necessary.

I shake my head sometimes when they’re challenging something that has no bearing on the outcome, or is totally futile.

like save it for something that could really potentially be a game changer.

not “did the player catch it or not in the first 5 minutes of the game on a 2nd down close to your own goal line”

because that challenge will seem pretty stupid, if the very next set of downs your punting it.

I’d personally save my challenges for things that could REALLY affect your game.

it’s like knowing when to use your time outs! knowing how the play clock works.

there really are some coaches out there that don’t know the rules all that well and make really dumb calls.

Yes, the league has the ability to challenge a ruling in the last three minutes, but doesn’t have to.

This week, I was screaming at the TV near the end of the Hamilton-Saskatchewan game when it looked to me like the Saskatchewan player was stopped well short of the FD, but the spot was 3rd and inches. No review was allowed because it had only been 2nd down, and Bellefeuille couldn’t have thrown the flag even if that rule allowed it because it was in the last three minutes. Change those two rules, and Saskatchewan has a 3rd and a long yard with 50 seconds left. Do they go for it and risk not making it? Or punt, giving Hamilton the ball deep in their own end? In a two point game, it could have changed the outcome. Now there would have been a good time to use the challenge flag, if it had been allowed. Game changer? You bet.

One of many shots into Hamilton’s foot that game, most of them self-inflicted.

And it’s not just because of that play that caused me to post this. I have felt this way about these two rules in particular for quite a while. (Posted on the ball spot review just last weeks.)