It seems to me that there are a good number of rugby people on these boards ... I think that's kind of interesting, considering the CFL is closer to rugby than the NFL is. So pipe up if you're into rugby ... I played it in high school, and am trying to get back into it these days (last summer, I realized why I consider it to be one of the hardest sports to play!). I love watching it on TV, when it can be found.

Rugby sucks.


SJSURFC all the way (hey, the executive committee might suck, but...well...wait, I am the executive committee. Sh!t).

EDIT: I'm the Kanga-Kucha of rugby on a lot of other boards. Scoring changes, rule issues, and my hatred of being in a scrum are usually the topics I'm interested in. Just warning you.

I still have much to learn about it, being from Victoria, Australia, you don't get a lot of Rugby expose, but that might have chaged now with the Melbourne Storm.

i just cant get into rugby.i know its alot like football but i just cant get into it.

I used to watch the Rugby Show on sportsnet, and any international games they showed. However, my school dumped Rugby a few years prior to my intrance, and therefore a sport I would have liked to try was unavailable. Instead, when I play football (unorganised), I like to screw with opponents with the forgotten rugby kicking used in Canadian football. There really is nothing like being surrounded by almost every defender, only to pull an onside kick the whole way across the field!

I think if I would have played Rugby, I would have really liked it, but I didn't, so I don't. I don't hate it, I am really just disinterested.

I wish I would have played though

Rugby Union

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Rugby League

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There are others, but those are the only ones I truly frequent.

Which do you prefer, league or union? I prefer union myself, but when I play touch rugby, we use league ruels (ie, 6 "downs"). I don't even think there's rugby league in Calgary - ie, if you want to play, you're playing union. I've heard league is more popular in Engladn and Australia (as far as I can tell, they don't even have a union championship down there. a la Currie Cup or NPL). Perhaps the only reason I prefer union is because it's what I was started on ... plus, take the (very limited) info and news that we get on union here, divide that by about one million, and you get an idea of how much info on league we get (ie: none)

I never understood rugby. I look at it as a sport for college jocks. I had the opportunity to play after my college folded football, was looking forward to play but i asked to play semipro football, and never looked back. Rugby is a sport that really no one knows about except the players that play. How is Lacrosse in Canada, is it as big as it is in the Northeast of the US?

Well, I'm in the same boat as you - there's no league unless you go WAY into the Northeast, and even then the union clubs outnumber the league clubs about 50 or 100 to 1.

That being said, I like league for it's speed a lot, but I play union and prefer it overall - however, not so much high level union. While in the beginning I was enthralled by the kicking game, the constant starting and stopping for penalty goals just bore me when I watch an NPC match.

I have all the NRL videos on web feed so I like to watch that every once in a while (same with the AFL videos - pretty neat shit).

They should have Union in Aus, Rugby is big in NSW and QL. it's somewhat popular in SA too, but now very pop in WA and Victoria.

BTW, on the NRL site, if you click on the teams, it shows you the jerseys of that season, the CFL should totally do that!

I don't know much about rugby, never played the game but I do respect it immensely especially in that Canadian football evolved from rugby. I do watch it a bit when it is on tv but again, probably because there is no pro league in Canada, I can't get into it.
As long as Canadian football is going, rugby will always take a long back seat here. But I do have a question. Suppose the CFL went under at some point (hope that never happens). What then happens to the Grey Cup? Is it awarded to the university football or junior champs? Or rugby champs of Canada? It does say on the GC rugby football. Hmmm. Probably to the winner of a football university junior matchup I would think.

Canada does have province teams that play each other I believe, like in Australia with the State-of-Origin. That's kinda professional, it isn't a "league", but Rugby is alive and well in Canada, just not as pop as Hockey, Lacrosse and CFL.

Actually whether the league is pro or not I guess really isn't important to me, it's just that it would need a higher profile for me to get into it more. I didn't even know there were province teams that play each other. I wonder why rugby never organized itself more in this country. Who knows, maybe they felt they couldn't compete with football here.

We have the Rugby Canada Super League, which has 14 teams. Rugby is arguably more popular than Football in Newfoundland and other parts of the east coast, and is huge on Vancouver Island. Ottawa and St. John's have nice Rugby parks, but nothing major.

Lacrosse has varied popularity across the country. A great deal of players come from either Vancouver or Victoria, while Ontario has produced a lot of players in both Lacrosse and Hockey. Roger's Sportsnet shows Ontario Senior games on TV, and the success of the Roughnecks in Calgary has increased support for the game substantially here.

[url=][/url] - Rugby Canada Super League website.

The teams are made up of "all-stars" from the city league - ie, in Calgary, the senior men's league has 6 teams; the best players from those teams play on the Calgary Mavericks, which is Calgary's RCSL team. Kinda a neat concept, if you ask me ...

I don't think it's any stretch to say the NLL is best supported in Calgary and Toronto (in Canada, at least; perhaps in North America). Senior League lacrosse is very popular in BC and Ontario though. (Mann Cup comes to mind)

If anyone's got some questions on rugby, fire away, and I can try my best to answer them ... might as well learn ya'; it's a great game!

I like the Manitoba team (big surprise there) but I don't like the fact that V.I. has two teams (how can they support them???), No surprise that NFL has a team, hope Cape Breton gets one in the future.

Vancouver Island simply has a ton of players is why (like New Zealand in the Super 14), though the second team is just an interim replacement for the team from the Fraser Valley. Nevertheless, every single league championship, with the exception of last year's, has been won by the Crimson Tide, from Vancouver Island (I actually think one of the Prairie teams one once, actually). I know the Crimson Tide have won the most while "The Rock" from Newfoundland have one championship.

You never know who will get a team in the future, if they decide that they can expand. UPEI has a rugby team, so even Prince Edward Island could probably field something.

well, they do have a Junior hockey team in the Quebec league, sure their fine with that if the rugby team doesn't fly.


one thing I love about the sport is that it is a "lifetime" sport. Few people actually start playing before age 18! Players age 22 are still considered "pups". Most good clubs have a solid core of players in their late 20s early 30s. THey are old enough to have learned the intracasyies (sp?) of the game, and not too old to have injury problems...

Gridiron football (at least down in the States) is a sport of kids. Few if any get the opportunity to play competitive organized football after high school. THis is the biggest recruiting line we use in rugby... I don't have the actuall stats, but I guess that only 1 in 10,000 (if not much more) get to play in college. Of the college football players, only maybe 1 in 10,000 get to play beyond age 22-23... of that, few get to play past age 30.

Football is a either a sport you "played as a kid" or a sport you "watch every weekend" as a spectator. Not a lifetime sport.

Many rugby players (if their job and family situation permit) play on into their late 30s. Some even longer. For those over 40 (35 some places) they have "old boys" sides/clubs.

Rugby is played for the sake of the game. Crowds are nice, but not necessary. People play for the love of the game. Fans consist of wifes/girlfriends, kids, and a few currious onlookers. For larger clubs, saturday will see kids from age 7 to 50 playing on multiple fields all day from 9am to sunset, with entertainment after that... some have the kiddies playing on sunday, making it an all weekend event. THis means that if you start playing as a kid, you could spend every weekend with the same group the rest of your life. Rugby is more of a community built aroudn the love of a sport. Most other sports are spectator sports that are inserted or take over communities.

Only wish that more people knew about rugby.