Rugby Canada/CFL

This was just a random thought I had. Being a lover of both Canadian Football and Rugby, I always knew that these two establishments shared a common ancestry. Both Rugby and Canadian Football are sweeping the nation and can be assumed that someday they will both have equal footing as hockey does in Canada. I've always wondered why the two sports leagues, who are essentially brothers in a sense, have never worked more closely, even if it was just a PR maneuver.
Like I said! Just a random thought!


It has been suggested that the CFL use rugby to get a nation rugby stadium built in Toronto in order to get financial assistance from the governments...
Lamport Stadium could some day be home to Canada's national rugby team and your TO Argos... Who knows..

Whatever works, although I don't follow the rugby scene I know of the history with rugby and modern football. Would love to see as many cooperative happenings between the two national bodies as much as possible for sure. I hope as part of the 100th Grey Cup there is something that brings the rugby community into focus as part of the celebration.

Maybe the Rugby all stars could play a throw back Canadian football game. I'd watch that.

They invite the Regina team to do a demonstration as a half-time show once in a while. They bring in their own play by play guy that's actually really good at explaining some of the basic/rules as he calls the little mini-game.

Is that Rugby Sevens or full 15-man Rugby team?

Last year, the Ontario Blues sevens team did a half-time show at a TiCat home game. The sevens game consists of two 7 minute halves, with a 1 minute half-time, so you can fit a whole game into a CFL half-time.

And to be fair, the soccer community should be brought as part of the evolution towards the modern day North American football scene, as respect for them. As we know, North American gridiron draws from both rugby and soccer.

I think this is one reason why I want to see both rugby and soccer suceed as much as possible in North America, not that either will surpass popularity of gridiron in North America but that we respect how these sports helped develop the more intracate gridiron game that is no. 1 here.

Sevens. They've done it a few times. Not bad entertainment for half-time.

Rugby will never come close to hockey in Canada!,Volleyball is bigger in Canada than Rugby. Especially with the Jets back and if Quebec gets a team! Does anybody who plays Rugby in Canada get paid? The CFL is a great league but wil never have the revenue that NHL teams have and can pay their players. Lets be happy we still have the CFL and lets hope we can attract a few new owners with deep pockets to buy either BC or Toronto and maybe a expansion team.

seems like (IMHO) rugby is the a great unspoken sport in Canada. Seems like every city is over flowing with clubs/club teams. Hard to follow outside of the internet. Feels like it just needs some inititive and such from a motivated group and we might have something awesome. But it seems like one of those sports that needs to start from the young ages. get some school rugby going or something. I really enjoy rugby. Im excited that it will be in the olympics (although i think its ruby 7's instead of 15)

It is 7's that will be in the Olympics. There is currently high school rugby being played across Canada both boys and girls. Congratulations to Canada's World Champion, womens 7's team.

I never could figure out why worldwide the soccer form of football became more popular than the rugby form but I suppose it has a lot to do with the more academic aspect of rugby from schools and universities while soccer is more the ordinary man's game since it doesn't take much equipment or cost and the average person can relate to it more. Not sure of all the reasons exactly.

As we know Harvard found soccer a bit boring and mundane which is why they were anxious to play McGill that was playing rugby back in 1874. A major date in the development of rugby or rugby football in North America.

Thought this was an interesting passage from the Rugby Canada site:

Today, the game of rugby in Canada is well represented in all ten provincial unions and is played by Canadian girls and boys, men and women. Although Canadian Rugby still benefits from the occasional player from overseas, the majority of new players to the game are young Canadian athletes. These young Canadians are the game's future.

Earl one of the reasons you cite on soccer, which is its universal access to the common man down to some of the most impoverished of areas, is why it has taken hold more than rugby (union/15s). I very much doubt that will change in my lifetime, but I think rugby will continue to grow all the same though not as much as soccer.

Rugby union has an establishment tradition that did not meet its first real crack at the global level until perhaps 1995 after South Africa was allowed to compete again at the global level after the end of Apartheid.

Having played soccer, rugby, and (American) football as an amateur as I still do soccer with mostly the 35-50 crowd weekly now, rugby is the most fun to play of the three. Also I would note that rugby for most positions takes the less equipment than does soccer, for even in pick-up games in soccer if one is sane you wear shin guards.

Rugby is however in my opinion the most dull to watch of the three and needs some changes in its rules so that the game does not have as many unnecessary stoppages.

The International Rugby Board, based out of Dublin, really is not doing as many favours so as to accommodate a more dynamic game as is long overdue. One change made that helped was back in 1992 when they made the value of a try 5 points instead of only 4 back when I started playing at school.

The overall lack of action in the Rugby World Cup Final last year did not do any favours for the sport outside of about 12 countries or so with a popular presence of rugby as does not include the US in large part but does include Canada.

Rugby 7's has been around about as long as has gridiron football as well, but I am like for NHL hockey just not a fan of it.

I would like to see Rugby become more popular in Canada. As with Lacrosse and back away from Basketball and Baseball. Canada is pretty much the best of the North American national Rugby teams, and given the history is shares with the CFL, I wouldn't mind seeing it become more prominent.

had a strange dream last night. I dreamt I was going onto a field to play some football, but the guys were doing all kinds of strange things. Finally I realized they were playing a combo of NA football and rugby, with a little bit of Aussies rules. Basically anything goes non stop til score or ball goes out of bounds. Pass, kick, forward, backward, doesnt matter if the ball hits the ground, etc. Wild game, wild dream. Wish I had played that as a kid.

We made up rules for a variant of keep-away to play a game like that on a neighbour's big lawn as kids too and called the game by names like "roughby" and the now politically incorrect "smear the queer." :lol:

It was also really fun in the snow.

Paolo, if stoppages make a game somewhat boring for you to watch, then why has North American football flourished so much especially in the United States? :wink:

I don't think stoppages has much to do with it but rather the most important factor is that North American football is very organized at a professional level and marketed well on television. Just like soccer, to me a very dull game to watch but taken to the professional aspect to a tee as well.

Paolo, if stoppages make a game somewhat boring for you to watch, then why has North American football flourished so much especially in the United States? :wink:
This is an excellent point. I'll respond that I have found for the most part only NFL football since about the 1990 Giants more exciting with a few of the great teams of the 1980s thrown in. In college football, for years I have enjoyed for the most part only the Pac12 minus the distractions of its thugs of course. I've only been watching the CFL regularly since 2009.

The reason for both examples for American football is that the teams involved in both since about 1990 have used more pro-style offences and balanced attacks let alone now more teams than ever using spread offensive sets.

Otherwise the rest of American football, including most of SEC football as has been the dominant conference for almost a decade, is dull for also reasons of so many stoppages of play. Of course if you enjoy great defence and inept offence, more power to you.

And of course for sake of the NFL I dread the stupid new kickoff rule for kicks from the 35-yard line that is good for more predictable commercial breaks more than anything else. In the NFL now, usually you have about seven minutes actual time between offensive possessions after a score.

I don't think stoppages has much to do with it but rather the most important factor is that North American football is very organized at a professional level and marketed well on television. Just like soccer, to me a very dull game to watch but taken to the professional aspect to a tee as well.
Note that rugby union only became a professional sport in 1995, for it was until that time only an amateur sport, or as it was known only at the highest levels due to pay-offs against the rules, 'shamateurism'.

The issue of professionalism versus amateurism was a major contributor that led to the schism such that rugby league, a different game, was formed in the early years after rugby union.

Otherwise I totally disagree because overall the stoppages in rugby, as compared to soccer or football, are uglier in nature and at a higher frequency. At one time for NCAA American college football until the 1990s or for much professional soccer until about 1991, I would have perhaps agreed with you given the duller action and more stoppages of play overall in those eras.

Analogously, I can't tell you, like many otherwise quiet American fans, how much I enjoy the quadrennial Olympic Ice Hockey Tournament; however, like many fellow Americans I just cannot get into the NHL action with what seems far more stoppages of play let alone the thuggery.

perhaps drifting a bit too far from the original topic, but you can stream the university rugby 7s championship here,