Rugby Anyone? All formats, all League and Union, all formats

Just thought since League is wrapping up (Superleague in England and NRL in Australia) and Union (Premiership in England, URC in Europe and Africa, 6 Nations Internationals)
and with Canada being part of the Women's World cup this year it might be nice to see if there are other fans out there.
Since I have some ADHD like symptoms I have trouble making sure I don't miss stuff sometimes so It would be nice for people to post when where and how they are watching.

Most exciting stuff on now are the NRL finals. I have yet to watch the Bunnies/Panthers match because etc at the moment.

The Eel's - Cowboys quarter final was by far match of the year so far. Everyone in that one left it all on the field.

As for who I'm a fan of....

(The guy in the suit is 77 years old. Apparently "karking it on the field in the suit" would be his preferred way of shuffling off this mortal coil)

Premiership: Cheer with my heart for the Exiles, But really I'm a Harlequins fan.
URL: no favorites yet.
Superleague: Rhinos

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I do prefer League over Union as it does require more finesse to play league.

Unable to enjoy it as Sportsnet has it on their Sportsworld pay channel (I believe around $25/month) which I am big on paying for.

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Yeah that part sucks. Wish we could change the distribution rights in Canada stuff.

For me it's been that with my mental health issues following hockey has been difficult at best. Really don't watch more than a few minutes here and there except on exceptionally good days. fills the gap. Love NRL. Ausies are nuts when it comes to Rugby and the Origin series is probably the three best matches of the year, in any league.

I did watch the Origins series when it was on Sportsnet 360.

Man they are brutal and nasty.

It puts the "body bag" game to shame.

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Never followed union, found it boring. Didn't even know the league existed until about 6 years ago when someone told me about the Wolfpack. Watched 5 minutes of it and I was hooked.
Usually watch the youtube highlights every weekend for both leagues.
Don't really have a favourite team in SuperLeague but would love to see Featherstone get in.
Cheer for Sharks down under. Started following them when I found out that Ricky Leutele played for them.

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Watched all the Canadian Women's team games that were broadcast this fall. Sounds like TSN is carrying a bunch of the Women's Worlds which start October 8th.

Canada has a great team this year. Took out a couple of good teams in pre-tournament friendlies.

Unfortunately they exited in round one of the playoffs. Much better season for them though this year. Lots of good young talent.

Penrith Panthers - Paramatta Eel's grand final this week....

Featherstone would be great as it would make Green Bay seem like a metropolis by comparison - a town of 15,000 people in the top division of their favourite sport.

Except not this year because they fell in the semi-finals.

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i just wanted to say that while i have no idea about the rules and such of rugby, i LOVE watching women’s rugby, especially sevens. those are my kinda girls :heart_eyes::rainbow:

7's and 9's are fun. Really fast game.

*and ruby has laws not rules....they are pretty simple but there are vat differences between the league and union game.
The womens worlds next month are Union rules, 13's I believe. The two big rules - the ball cannot go forward except off the feet and legs, and you have to be supporting your own weight on your feet to play at the ball.

The feet and legs part still is part of CFL rules....

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Next month's World Cup includes Men, Women and Wheelchair divisions.

You're right, it is 13's which is Rugby League - Union is the 15-a-side code.

Your first big rule is correct, your second is not as you're getting mixed up with Union. In Rugby League there's no "ruck" (the staying on feet in fighting for the ball you mentioned), instead the ball is played backwards with the foot - imagine in (North American) football if the centre rolled the ball backwards to the QB who then picks it up, rather than directly snapping it into his hands.

Let me add a third big rule that is arguably the most distinct difference - in League the team can take 6 tackles before they either score or failing that, they turn the ball over.

Think of it in football terms as having 6 downs to go the length of the field, and those 6 are all you get - there's no "fresh set" unless your opponents commit a penalty.

Also, in Rugby League, you will 99.9% of the time, see that the scrum is completely static - there's no contesting or pushing as in Union.

Edited for a couple of typos but I thought of something off on a tangent...

The triple option style of the military academies shows an obvious Rugby influence with the option pitch passes, but have any Canadian teams ever played that way? I'd guess having one less down would limit its effectiveness in Canadian football?


thanks guys, this is awesome. i needed these posts :+1:t3:

i kinda wish other sports called rules laws lol

You neglect to mention whether you prefer the wingers blazing down the sidelines or the 280lb prop forward who rumbles 10 metres then needs some recovery time and is known to attack the hotel's all you can eat buffet with as much ferocity as she does the opposing team...

I can only speculate...

Seeing as you have some exposure to Sevens, let me add something else.

There's no "special teams" in Rugby - the kicker will be on the field the whole game and have a specific position to play on top of kicking duties.

Just like the CFL, one kicker does all three jobs.

Just like in Sevens, you'll see the conversion (extra point equivalent, but It's worth 2) needs to be kicked from where the ball is GROUNDED rather than football-style right in front of the posts. This is why you'll see players, after they've "broken the plane" (so to speak) still keep possession and run towards the middle of the field before they ground the ball as this improves the angle.

Ground the ball right in the corner and your kicker needs to make the attempt from the sideline.

Finally, if you're wondering why the act of scoring is a "try", in the very earliest days of Rugby the only way to score points was to kick a goal, and the only way to get the opportunity was to get the ball in the endzone - achieving that didn't score any points by itself, but it earned you your "try" at attempting a goal.

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That I didn't know.....Kinda like snooker in a way though....

6 hours of football and the Saints, Tigers match from last Sunday....May not take long though the way the Saints have started. 2 tries in the first 15 min.....

When we played Rugby in school in late 60s, the objective was toofold. One, get the ball in the endzone to score points, then get the ball as close to the middle as possible while you score to make the kick easier. I dont know what is what in games these days, but I remember when we took the ball into the endzone, we had to be able to put it on the ground without being tackled to score.

What you were playing in school is standard rules, if the ball isn't grounded, you don't score. It's possible to be held up by opposition player(s) in the goal area, have the ball knocked out of your hands or... trying a stupid celebration.

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....the Exiles too....and he put it right through the in goal into touch....donkey....

i bookmarked this thread for reference next time i go watch live womens rugby. :+1:t3:

my god i love watching this. even more than football, which is saying something

have a new hobby lol

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I am surprised that Fiji is hanging in this match. English women are world number one and this is Fiji's first women's rugby world cup appearance.