Ruffy is a useless piece of crap!

Ruffy has to be one of the worst mascots around. He should be in the stands mingling with kids instead of on the field 'grinding' on the cheerleaders & acting like a goof during the lame on field promotions. I've heard this from many fans whose kids wonder why they don't see Ruffy in the stands. Now I know why. Yesterday at the EX, they were giving out telus-Renegades mini-footballs. My 12 yr old son had one until Ruffy grabbed it right out of his hands & took it without saying a word. There was a box of them behind the counter of the 'Gades booth, all he had to do was go & get them.

Like I keep saying...bring back the Rider Rooster!

You do understand its the man in the suit, not the suit itself, right? :slight_smile:

Yes I do, that’s why I didn’t let my son get his hands on the paintball gun from the game two booths over! :lol: