Ruffins missed kick in practice

This has to be the dumbest thing our coach has done to date. Putting the pressure on the Rookie Kicker in practice when he doesn't even know anyone on the team.

I understand maybe he's trying to see the kicker kick under pressure but come on the guy doesn't know anyone on the team and has only been here a few days and you pull something like this. I think Marshall has too much riding on boreham.

Get rid of both PLEASE!

I have to disagree with this. The fans here have been calling for a replacement and the only way to find out if Ruffin is a suitable replacement is in practice. He's a professional kicker and should be able to deal with it. There is no other yardstick by which to measure him than practice. They aren't just going to put the guy in a game situation cold. The longer they wait to put the pressure on him, the longer it will be before he gets any chance in a game.

I agree with that part but the guy has been here 3-4 days and prolly hasn't had the chance to meet anyone since the cats were away in Calgary. I would have waited till mid week atleast.

We play Thursday this week and there was no Friday practice so time is very limited. I was at practice and I have to say that it looked like Ruffin and Fleming were getting along fairly well. The players grumbled a little about the missed FG, but they sure weren't really giving him a hard time about it. It also seemed like Ruffin was more interested in getting his head into it and showing his stuff rather than making friends and chitchatting.

If you’re worried about pressure, then a practice game is certainly the way to go. Ruffin gets experience without that “big game’s on the line” feeling.

Besides, this kid has played in much bigger venues. His College’s home stadium held 45,000, so I am sure the feeling is nothing new.

Give me a break. How many football practices have you participated in?

I read this in the Spec to-day and thought ,what a good move,put some pressure on the kickers in practice!

Then I thought ,maybe this was Bernie Ruoff's idea,he's just started helping out again.

Most likely Bernie would have thought of that.. :thup:

Keep doing these things !

First of all...he hit the upright. What I want to know far was it from???

Then I thought the same thing. He's only been here 4 days, why not make Boreham try the kick.

Then I thought, maybe Coach Marshall wanted the guys to stop running too.


So this begs the question...

If that wasnt right, and you are saying that after only a couple days of practice its not fair... what happens if he were to play Thursday and have a game winning kick. That was an excellent way to simulate pressure and frankly i thought it was a great idea.

Hats off to Greg on this one.

i liked it, it gave "15 yards" ('ruffin the kicker') a chance to endear himself to the rest of the team, and a great simulated pressure situation (i wouldn't wanna have Rob Hitchcock and Co. know i was the reason that they had to run for another 20 minutes)


Too bad he boned that chance tho.....

Funny how Peters mused Ruffin didnt "endear" himself to the other players with the missed FG.
Wonder what missing 18 yarders, going oh-fer and an outright loss of a game by missed FGs does for kicker/player relations.???

Then I thought ,maybe this was Bernie Ruoff's idea,he's just started helping out again.

Most likely Bernie would have thought of that..

Keep doing these things !

Great move by the team in bringing Bernie Ruoff back to help coach the kickers. It will pay off huge! :thup:

You were all giddy about that last year too and Boreham was at the bottom half in field goals and last in punting.
He then lost his punting job.
So unless there is a conspiracy with Bernie teaching Boreham how to be a bad kicker or its Boreham.
I dont care if you bring in Dave Cutler
You cant make chicken salad out of chicken.....

By the way guys, this Ruffin character aint that good. In his bio i believe, it stats he didnt make it in the NFL becasue of POOR accurracy and NO leg strength. Those arent selling points for me. If this guy cant kick, why even bring him in? i say give Fleming a try he cant be much worse than Boreham.

First...his coach was Bill Parcells, who would cut you if he didn't like the size of your ears. the NFL, they cut you if you only hit 70% of your field goals...from outside 40 yards.

At the risk of appearing overly brazen, what the hell do you make YOUR chicken salad out of? :wink:

I left out the ending of that old saying hence the "..." you can fill in what you like.

If Ruffin turns out to be brutal too, then cut him, keep looking dont just settle for Boreham's tired old song and dance routine that's why teams have scouts.

Im surprised nobody else is getting attacked for their "Endless hatred" towards Jamie.