Rudge to take over running the Argos

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I think this is a great move. The Argos need all the help they can get and this guy is a perfect fit. It melds nicely with his role as 100th GC coordinator.

I heard him on McCown this afternoon.
Always optomistic, one of the many things he is hoping for is the team getting in the black by 2014.

Was Nicholson fired?

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Thanks picat

He has his work cut out for him but sounds like he is someone prepared for the job in Argoland.

I always worry about a marketing guy saying he wants the team to lose a high scoring game rather than lose a low scoring game. kinda stating something outside of his pay grade. smarmy and insulting , but we’ll see how the football side responds…love to see how classic football guys like Mathews, parcells, buono, hufnagel would respond

There is nothing wrong with Rudge's statement you are referring to and which I heard on the radio.
As a many years season ticket holder, I can also tell you most definitely we want an exciting team versus a defensive oriented boring one. It's been very boring the last several years.
That's presuming one has a choice?
But it can be a coaching philosophy though!

My prediction is if you go 4-14 and average 30 points for and 35 against there will will be wailing. wins generate interest.

With Presidents we call it stepping down... Wonder how much of that had to do with the nice headline of the wrongful firing last week ?

So far everything I have read and to include Mr. Rudge's bio, he is the best and only man for this major task ahead.

The press seems to like him. That's the first step. If they can increase their season ticket sales to 20k and start the season strong, they will have turned the first corner.

This is great news for the argonauts. I think Rudge will do great things for them.

Argos need someone who can "reach" the Toronto business community kind of like Bobby Ackles did for the Lions. Mr. Rudge seems like someone who can do that for them.

During the same interview I heard on McCown, it was interesting how the current plan is 3 years in duration and for the team to get into the black by 2014.
Here is the kicker that I picked up on, then when Mr. Braley decides to sell it is hoped the team will be well positioned and financially attractive for the conglomerate Bell-Rogers-MLSE to buy?

Zero comments in the Toronto Sun on this hire. That's a telling number.

Considerably more in The Star (good news), but more due to his non-sensical quote that had me scratching my head too:

“We were very proud of a team on the field that had a defence that bent but didn’t break,? he said of recent Argos teams. “But I’m not sure people want to see a team at home that has a 9-0 record but the average score is 12-7.

“I think they’d much rather see us .500 at home with an average score of 38-34,? said Rudge, who is also chair and CEO of the 100th Grey Cup, which is slated for Rogers Centre on Nov. 25. “And I think that we’ve put the elements in place to try and achieve that this year with the kinds of personnel we have on the coaching side and with (quarterback) Ricky Ray.?

I think I get the spirit with which the comments were intended. He wants the Argos to play an exciting, wide open brand of football. But nothing, repeat NOTHING, beats winning. Would he really rather lose half his home games as long as the team has an exciting offense?

You must have missed it, on page S16 in the Sports section a very good nearly one page article from Frank Zicarelli and at the bottom also mention of the Mallett signing in Hamilton.

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Thanks ArgoT for that link to that article.

No biggie, but you must have missed my point. Your link was the same story that someone already posted from the Toronto Sun. What I meant was - no one wrote a comment in the “comments” section which comes after an online story. I took this as a sign of apathy; on a day in which a team President is hired it didn’t generate a single response.