Rudge to run 2012 Grey Cup in Toronto

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Chris Rudge, the man who led the Canadian Olympic Committee into the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, has been tapped to run the 100th Grey Cup celebration for Toronto in 2012.

Sources say Rudge, who is a friend of Toronto Argonauts owner David Braley, will oversee what is expected to be a grand celebration of Canadian football.

Rudge’s only past association with the CFL came as a finalist for the commissioner’s post in 2002, a job that went to Tom Wright. Rudge was then appointed chief executive officer of the COC in January of 2003, a post he held until resigning last April 7, six weeks after the Vancouver Games concluded.

Rudge led the COC when it launched Own The Podium, the funding program that helped produce Canada’s best Olympic result and for which he was chairman of its steering committee. He was also on the 2015 Pan American Games board of directors, but left that position when he resigned his COC post.

Prior to his days in amateur sport, he was a senior executive with printer Quebecor World Inc.

The CFL hasn’t officially announced the host city for the 2012 Grey Cup, but Toronto is widely known to be the choice. It will mark just the second time the CFL championship game has been held in Toronto since 1992.

Braley, as owner of both the Argonauts and the B.C. Lions, is also the host of the 2011 Grey Cup in Vancouver

If he is half as good as putting on a Grey Cup as he was with the Olympics, we should be in for a real treat come November 2012.

An excellent selection without a doubt. :thup:

WOW this is GREAT news! I absolutely LOVED the Olympics, and from all reports it was extremely well run, even with the troubles early in the games.

I'm starting to get excited about 2012 after hearing this :rockin: