Rude Posters

Its pretty disgraceful that there are so many grown adults who are so classless on this forum. How about showing a moderate amount of respect for the other human beings on this site. Very disappointing.

I don’t disagree with this. We are all CFL fans! And most of us are considerate and kind to their fellow posters. Unfortunately, there are quite a few who are too aggressive and ruin the experience for others. Best to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Its a football forum. You know the sport where players give other players "the business" and try to knock each other out of each others cleats.
Suck it up princess!!!! go join the figure skating fan forums if you dont like football

I disagree. I post in a hockey forum and posters treat each other with respect. There is no reason it can’t be done here.

I know someone who posted here and left because of the way he was treated. There is no win in that.

I see… people who watch footballl are allowed to be Aholes… didnt know that

Football is a very contact sport and no wimpy "pretend I'm tough" fighting like hockey. This is not ballet although there should be respect but at the same time some fun so as long as personalities aren't mentioned I'm ok with stuff like "dirty stinky steel town Hamilton and Hamiltonians to boot " or "hicksville prairie everybody is a cousin in Saskatchewan" type of thing. Borderline ok but I think this is ok, no personalities mentioned? :?

We should just be better and more respectful to each other. There is no down side to that.
As we say in the hockey forum, attack the post not the poster.

Having a bit of fun is one thing........posting disrespectful comments and calling out someone by using inappropriate language is quite another. Taking the high road shows class.......taking the low road shows lack of maturity. I love this league and every single team in it. The Riders are my guys but that has never stopped me from giving credit where it is due and this year I gave much credit to all the teams in the CFL when they played a good game. Looking forward to Sunday when the Riders play a great Eastern team that beat the odds and won their right to play in the Cup. May the best team win.

Um. Playing football and talking about it are two different activities. The fact that football is a contact sport should have no bearing on one’s ability to have a civil discussion like a grownup, even on the internet. People who can’t be civil on a message board are demonstrating weakness, not strength.

I don't mind the good natured ribbing but will say there hasn't been any new material on this forum since 2009.

And at least you still get to listen to Rod black!

Is this thread about a specific poster or group of posters ?
How has the PC crowd officially taken over this forum as well ?

I don’t think it is directed at anyone in particular. Just in general.

It is not about PC. It is about treating all posters with respect. Again, attack the post not the poster.

Can we all agree at least, that we all are united in our hate for the guy who keeps posting the ads?

They’re just spambots, it says something pretty pathetic about this web site that they keep getting through and it seemingly takes forever for them to get banned…

NewB SuX0rZ!

You’d think it would just be a matter of adding the website name to a list of obscenities to be disallowed. I’m assuming that this forum has an obscenity filter, right?

Clearly they don’t…

That nasty A word keeps showing up in posts…

I’m still championing for it to be banned and to get my A-word thread!!

That is very nice , but back to the real world, we are human, we do and say things that will bother people, ignore it. Free speech is free speech, not a watered down form, so the PC crowd does not get upset.

I will defend what you said pikk, I agree, but just because we are able to say anything, doesn’t mean we should. Politeness has nothing to do with PC. I think this is what jaz and others are talking about.