Royals to visit Ivor Wynne?

So I was on the site checking out video stories about tonight's game, and came across this one announcing Kate and Will's visit to Ivor Wynne for the Rider's upcoming visit on July 16th - and no one here has commented.

This is brilliant. Who knew Will was a Green Rider fan?

Wow. Im actually shocked by this. I had no idea.

Could next week get any better? Woot!!!

My wife thinks this must be a hoax.

My itinerary as Citizen Of The Game prevents me from having the time to greet foriegn dignitaries, especially ones wearing watermelon helmets.

How the hell are they gonna sit in Box J? Seems to me there would be security issues, especially if they plan on rooting for Gang Green.

Is this another loose Tiger in Gore Park?

Now that is funny
I had to laugh at Will with the watermelon helmet on. :rockin:

Hahahahaha. I think there is!

You actually had me there for a minute. I can’t believe I was rooked by this.

My wife is laughing at me for falling for this. Man I can be so gullible sometimes. You know someone once told me the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary and I went and checked. It was there.

Thanks for making me feel silly on what so far has been one of the greatest weekends of my life.

@ Caretaker,
As usual, your marketing staff have come up with another Melon. :lol: :lol: :lol:

And you notice the marketing staff only does stuff like this whenever the Riders are in town? Remember the Fantuz Flakes shampoo spoof from last season? I'm surprised they haven't taken a shot at the Melonheads' "All-Dressler" chips yet, but with a week to go, there's still time.

A fake story about the offspring of our former overlords coming to IWS to cheer on the Riders. A bit of a stretch.

Maybe the coffee is a bit too strong over at Ticat headquarters. :wink:

Too funny.

I can vouch for Marty that he's a good guy.

Pippa...give him a call!

lol If I wouldn't have just read this (, I might have fallen for the vid myself. Wouldn't it be nice to extend an invitation to the Royals though to the Pan Am games. :slight_smile:

lol hey this is Hamilton, not too many have a sense of humour.
A lot of them will actually believe this!

Love it. Anytime something can bring a smile to one's face or a chuckle, go for it.

Kudos to the TiCat staff for this gem

HRH, the Duchess of Cambridge, will love the flowers in the ladies room. She notices things like that.

Quoting TV interviews out of context? Not funny when Jay Leno does it. Not funny on Who on the Ticats staff keeps championing the idea that people enjoy being lied to?

I totally agree a waste of a thred and my time!

Come on guys. Just because you don’t find something funny doesn’t make it not funny.

It was a joke.. I dont know how anyone would even consider this NOT a joke considering all you hear on the news is the Royals itinerary and how they left canada within the last few days and arent coming back..

God forbid they waste your time... it must be such valuable time considering youre reading threads you dont even care about on a saturday night

I think it be would be a little funnier if the Cats were not 0-2. :roll: