Royal Visit

Too bad she can't take in a game...

yeah, but my daughter is just not into football. damn shame.

And you still consider her your daughter? :stuck_out_tongue:

The royals must really like Canada, because they sure visit a lot. They even sent one of their grand children to school there. I confess I have a soft spot of the Queen, though I really do think that the royal roll as head of state will end when the Queen passes, twenty or so years from now. It's also nice to see that the Queen will meet with the beloved Governor General before her term expires in the fall. I suspect the Queen will be meeting with the GG's as yet unannounced successor.

It would be kind of cool if she went to a game. People would likely go bananas!

only my princess is allowed to not like football :thup:

She went to a game in Ottawa once , left before it ended. God save the Queen :rockin:

I wonder if she's the type to heckle refs...

Yes, IIRC, it was a game in 1977 at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. Rough Riders vs Hamilton.

I think Prince Phillip escorted her. Wasn't he in the royal box? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here here to that, the Queen has my utmost respect even if her family makes me shake my head. She has always held her position with honor and dignity the befits the technically most powerful head of state. I sincerely hope William succeeds her and not Charles and certainly not Henry/Harry.

All hail the Rough Ride.

: )

Evidently she's not much of a sports fan, other than horse racing anyway.