Roy Shivers

Watching fridays game and seeing this guy do his thing on the sidelines on TV I can see why people are so down on this clown. He made a true ass of himself and must have been a real embarrassement to his players. How do you Rider fans put up with this guy??? He looked like a complete idiot. :roll:

Why is this because he got up in the defence's face who is supposed to be one of the best and allowed Dickenson to do whatever he wants. Football is a game of passion and if the head coach isn't going to get in someones face after the repeatedly gave up big plays someone had to. Shivers put this team together and they can play better than what they did and proved it last year. They have one new player on defence that wasn't their last year.

Another factor I think was the fact that Mitchell wasnt playing at LB, he was DB for that game, and Edwards was out with an injury, so the Riders had to make a few adjustments for that game. It still doesnt excuse the fact that they had no pass rush(they will need it next game) and they played an absolutely terrible game against the Lions, on both sides of the ball.

Just a concern here the Riders got to get off to a winning note.After the season opener they must get their concertation back to focus on the next game.