Roy Shivers

I know there aren't a lot of Roy Shivers fans out there (outside of Sask). But I'd like to relay a little tidbit. A couple of weeks ago Roy was on a local TV show, and was asked if he was commisioner of the CFL, what would the one thing he would do to improve the league. He was thinking about it for a second, and the interviewer suggested, "you'd probably want to get rid of the import ratio". Roy looked at him and said (I'm paraphrasing here, but I think it's fairly accurate) "no, I'd NEVER get rid of that. That's what makes this league unique. I always thought of that as a form of affirmative action, and I've always been a supporter of that. No, I'd never change that".

With all the talk nowadays about changing the import ratio, I felt real proud of Roy.

I thought Roy was going to mention changing the refs because I think he truly believes that they are out to get him!

I always liked Roy for speaking his mind..every once in awhile though he puts his foot in his mouth, LOL ...but the guy knows talent