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WOW, this is going to be huge in Regina and the Province for a while!

Who will replace?

Probably Barrett


i dont understand this especially after the big win, if they were going to do this why not last week, very confusing, and i think sends a bad message to the players, again our whole organization is very questionable.

Interesting, very interesting. Just yesterday, our McMahon, apparently our most valuable poster, told us this:

"Reports are coming out fast that the Rider management told Roy Shivers to make a change, and firing Danny Barrett came up. Roy said no way, and apparently the Rider managment went his way.

They had a meeting Wednesday for 2 hours, and rumour has it that Roy Shivers could be getting a extension by labour day."


It had to happen - I am sure it was in the works before the game, and win or lose it was going to happen. You don't base a decision like this on one game - you base it on your long term plan and who can get that job done.

Barret will definitely not replace - I think Barret is next to go. Did you listen to his comments on the weekend - it was like he knew he was leaving.

Who will replace? Now that one I do not know.

GM will be a tough one - but for coach - how about Austin??

I will state this as clearly as I can...
Jim Hopson is incompetent.

Nothing like having an ex-high school teacher pulling the strings for a professional football team.

Ive said this before , but now I believe that the time has come for a major overhaul of the football operations of this franchise right from the Board of Directors on down. We need football people on that board, who know the game and can make some competent decisions regarding this franchise. I always thought the Board was joke and the timing of this move proves it.

Shivers was more interested in Las Vegas than the team. I think they should promote Barret to GM and have Cortez as Head Coach next year. Other than the Ottawa dispersal draft, Shivers has done nothing in two years.

You guys should be flipping to see you drives him to the airport!

I never understood this argument against Shiver about him living in Vegas, its not like he is the only GM to live in another town.

Also other posters seem to think that there was a big conflict between Shivers and Hopson. I do not believe this. Shivers was the one that wanted someone to look after the non-football operations. As for him being an ex teacher, yup he was also a player and a district super, plus I can think of a few other ex teachers that have become coaches and gm's so I am not sure why that is a problem.

Yup, Hopson was a player, and then a principal, a super, etc. The key here is that he had nothing to do with professional football from the day he retired as a player about 30 years ago until he was hired to be CEO 2 years ago.
I am all ears if you can name another high school teacher who took that scenic route...

As for conflict between Roy and Jim, it certainly was there.
First they began cutting into Roy's authority by hiring Hopson, then next year they were changing the heirachy to make Roy subordinate to Hopson, Right now, Roy answered directly to the board, not Hopson.
In the press conference, Hopson claims Roy was possibly not going to be here next year anyway, so they made the change. The reason Roy was likely not to return was because they--the board/Hopson--made him and Danny lameducks by leaving both on a one-year contract and because Roy was not happy reporting to Hopson--in other words, they were forcing Roy out.
Another reason they/Hopson gave was the number of players who will be free agents or in their option year. This just shows he knows nothing about running a team as every team in the CFL has similar numbers of free agents/option players each year. Roy has actually done an excellent job of signing key players to long term contracts and keeping talent, so suggesting that as a reason to dismiss is fantasy.

The fact is, Hopson wants his own people, not Roy (Hopson fired the CFO also). And that is fair enough. But firing your GM mid-season for that reason is unjustifiable. If they wanted a new GM, you do it in December--either last year, or this year.
The funny/sad part in all this is the only thing Roy may have done wrong in his 7 years, was sticking with Danny for too long.
So he gets fired and Danny remains (momentarily).
Only in Riderville!!

And I am certain that the impending "code of ethics" the Riders plan to announce very soon was a serious point of contention between Roy and Hopson/the board.

First I would like to thank Roy for bringing a pile of crap team to what they have today. No one can argue the talent he brought in and was a victim of having to much patience with Barret. He has brought in players half way threw the season like Breeden last year but they didn't make it onto the field. If he or the team had no interest on him coming back next year it's the best move to get their players signed although I don't know which ones will resign because alot of them were close with Roy. For all the people who are happy with this decision I think we truly have to wait until next year and after to see what they bring in for a GM and what he does for the team because like i said the Riders were a pile of $hit and now have a contending team.

Thats why they are going to keep Danny... If the riders fire Danny, which i hope to god they dont, then the players wouldnt want to resign. They are a lot closer to Danny than to Roy...

Nothing like having an ex-high school teacher pulling the strings for a professional football team.
ARIUS, not sure where you get this from but in sask we have board of directors(BOD)! THE BOD makes these decisions [b]not[/b] jim hopson. if you lived here you'd know he mostly handles things like media and marketing.

so i'll say this again so you understand. jim hopson is not hiring/firing anybody!
and for what his job requires he is quite qualified!

just cause you see him on tv doesn't mean he runs our team!
(EX:walby doesn't run the cfl!!)

just saw on global, danny's not in the running for GM.

now roy is gone danny will be sure to follow.perhaps to ott.we have 13 players playing out there option many of those players are going to follow danny and roy?with no danny or roy do you think holmes will sign back here?NO
i think this fireing is stupid.i have read all you guys call for there heads now you got what you wanted i just hope we dont turn in to the riders of old.everyone talks about our .500 team but do you remember the good old days before roy and danny?why dont we bring back mr ford he was great i think he is still unemployed.the only way this team will stay competitive will be the hireing of tillman.he has always said what a good coach danny was so maybe danny would stay and maybe we could resign some players.

THANK DOG. :slight_smile:

Can you smell it… I smell change, and it smells good…

Wait, that could be my deodorant…

josephsriders, you are the type of rider fan who needs to understand that change can be good you don’t need to fear it. do you think before danny and roy were hired that the fans were like “oh we were bad before we’d better not change or we’ll get worse”.

no the riders made a change and it did make us better. broken promises and the “next year is our year” speech have finally led to a change.

fans shouldn’t be happy with .500 now just because when they showed up we were doing worse.

it’s called progress and roy wasn’t showing us any!

To Sportsmen, you have got to be kidding, Barret maybe the worst coach now or ever in the league, this team needs a solid football mind to run it on the field, and a good GM, who can get us the players we need, thank god, they got rid of shivers, he was a joke as a GM, and Barret has to be the next to go.

The riders had the best all round talent in the past 2 or 3 years, and could do nothing more than play at .500. Now they don't have the best talent, and that is due to a GM that didn't have a clue. And a coach that plays players based on what he likes, not what is best for the team. The two of them have set this team back 5 years, at least.

It is very difficult being a rider fan, but any fan can accept a team losing if they are just bad, but that is not the case with this team, they are much better than they are showing on the field.

shiv and db don't understand that as most players get older there ablilty drops off. this year our d has been proven to be beaten more often(IMO) than last year. but buy db and shiv's logic they should just be better cause they've been playing a year longer. i know,not exactly how they see it but close.