Roy Shivers is the center of attention in the CFL

after his comments towards Stamps QB Henry Burris

Shivers made his comments during a CKRM call in show, regarding treating Burris like any other QB and break his neck.

Shivers later said it was taken out of context and he was joking.

But if it helped fire up his team for next week then all the better.

I wonder where this will end up.

Just consider the source…He’s said some pretty Wild things in the past…

That's too bad that he feels he needs to joke like that in the media. As far as I am concerned that's a brutal comment to make about any opponent, ex-player or not. What if Tom Higgins came out in the media saying that he hopes his players tackle Nealon Greene low and take out his knees and put him out for the season (again)? Shivers would be braying like the jackass he is, calling for discipline against Higgins.

Or even worse, he would up the ante and so it goes until someone does get hurt. Then what does he say? "Sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen" Football is a rough enough sport, especially with jobs on the line in exhibition and Shivers knows that. If I were Tom Wright I would be talking to him privately about this "break his neck" crap and if it happened again, I would fine him and publicly admonish him. Third time? I would suspend the guy and get him the hell out of the league. If it's left to continue what's next, open bounty on players heads.

And before all you Rider fans freak out on me, consider this. It's training camp and there are players fighting for positions on the team. If they need something like this to motivate them and "fire them up", what does that say about the character and quality of the players on your team? Please don't give me the song and dance that the vets need it to play harder cause it's preseason. They are professionals and should be able to step up and play hard come game time, no matter what.


I agree with supertoe,

I like what Roy has done with the Riders and the personnel he has put in place but comments like that not only hurt the Rider's reputation it hurts the league's reputation and that is unacceptable in any sports league. He should be fined for this in my opinion.

........there is much debate here in Cowtown........half of the crowd says this should be considered along the same lines as Mark Crawford's endorsement of a bounty on Steve Moore's head .......the other half says 'hey man, consider the source' i.e. Shivers is nutty enough to say this but he was joking........what if Burris get hurts? for real............certainly a talking to is in order, an apology would be better than a fine.......and I don't know how this fires up the Riders in any way, maybe even has a detrimental effect, while it must do something to get the Stampeders thinking 'oh yeah?!'.........

I agree the comment was unecessary but just to take a little of the burden off of Shivers' shoulders everyone on defence probably was thinking it and Shivers was just the guy who said it.
If Burris does happen to get injured in the game it would be pure coincedence I can assure you that no where in the game plan does it say "break Henry Burris' neck".
I agree that this would probably more so pump Calgary up because it can be used as motivation for the O-Line. I do fear however that no matter how motivated the O-Line is Burris along with the other Stamps QB's will be seeing a lot of the turf on Tuesday!

I do realize Roy was joking. But the top guy in an organization and a top guy in the league should be professional at all times. This is not pee wee football here this is the big time and comments like this are heard by a lot of people who could see this as another reason to think the CFL is bush league, especially if nothing is done about it.

LOL, could you imagine if someone said that about the QB of a pee-wee football team.

"I'm going to tell my eight year olds to break your damn quarterback's neck"

LOL, could you imagine if someone said that about the QB of a pee-wee football team.

"I'm going to tell my eight year olds to break your damn quarterback's neck"

It sounds funny but I bet you some of those fanatical parents have uttered words very similiar to that.

Yeah, I know what you mean, I play High School football right now and sometimes when I play I mutter threats like that it's just getting caught in the moment you can't control what you say. I do agree though that is unnaceptable.

I agree with you and I do not think Mr. Shivers will find it funny now if Burris does get injured and then they go back to that comment. It was a very stupid statement period. If an injury does occur the liability is not only on Shivers shoulders but the Rider team.

"half of the crowd says this should be considered along the same lines as Mark Crawford's endorsement of a bounty on Steve Moore's head"

Holy Farging Shite. Your kidding right. I mean sure what Shivers said was silly. I imagine that was his point; if he would have said something like, they were going to break his legs, he probably thought people might take him seriously. But for people to take what he said as serious simply demonstrates that those people are complete and total idiots, plain and simple, any one who argues that is also an idiot. Of course this being Canada the politically correct police are up in arms, sure we have criminals governing the country but golly gee at least thier politically correct criminals. And what are the Stampeder's thnking - I imagine - being that they've all spent plenty of time in locker rooms and on the grid iron and have likely heard this kind of thing all thier careers and a lot worse, their probably laughing thier butts off at the over the top brayiing Jackasses reactions. Of course they'll play it up, this will probably result in the highest attendance ever for a pre-season game - especially with all the cowtowon folks taking what Roy said seriously. I mean really, how could anyone compare this with the Vancouver situation and what Crawford said, especially if you have the social skills to understand tone, facial expressions ect and the context of the situation. Clearly there are a lot of socially under developed individuals in Cowtown. How truely pathetic.

....kiss my a$$ freak....who are you come on here and get all high and mighty....telling people what to inference about Ol' Roy's comments like you're some spin the world of MEDIA if you do not have the luxury of facial control and context then you are CAREFUL about what you say because freakin yes people do take what a GM says as serious..........otherwise he is a clown and someone not to be's got nothing to do with socially underdeveloped individuals, how stupid is that statement?!..........pathetic is how I gauge your naive and feebly immature response to a serious and topical subject................

we all need to settle down here....

IMO Roy made some stupid comments that may come back to hauint him if Burris gets hurt. but im sure he didnt mean it entirely serious, and it shouldnt be taken too outta proportion. there are lots of times people have said stuff like this through the ages.

....totally true.......but I guess Hank Hill said it best 'just when I thought you had said the stupidest thing possible you keep on talkin' and freak's comments are just that.........stupidness piled on somehow think that those that take Shiver's comments above reproach are 'brayiing Jackasses reactions' is so ignorant it insults..........

Holy blank. R&W You come on here and make statments on how some yes man on the Riders is going to take Roy serious and try and break Hank’s neck.
You say I’m naive, apparently because I think only an idiot would take his comments serious.
Stupidness piled on stupidness
get a grip on reality buddy

...........and you just continue to support a very bad and totally out of line comment and try to place blame on those who only hear and try to understand instead of he who said it in the first place........if you're a supporter of this kind of image of the Riders then sir it is your grip on reality that requires realignment..........

I forgive ROY BOY, he just can’t resist the press, Ya know Ego and All. At least he’s quotable unlike half the other dopey GM’s in this league. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time we hear from the SHIVE!

I like the comment. Makes more press coverage in the CFL. The more attention the CFL draws in training camp, the better. Roy certainly made more people more interested in the very first pre-season game. More tickets might sell because of this commment and if the game was in SK, it would make more sense to Roy to say something like this.

I don't take the comment seriously. I don't think he meant it literally. break his neck = hit him so hard he feels like he's seriously hurt for 5 minutes. you have no offense to say John Grace saying he's planning on taking out Nealon low then, 'cause of his previous injury, to build 'excitement' and generate press coverage........I would..........

.....I guess if this came from a player it would be different, that's trash talk, but your GM is the rudder on an otherwise non-steerable ship and this episode is yet another example of Shiver's incompleteness as a GM..........he might have talent finding prospects and bringin them to the CFL, and that's where his bags-o-tricks ends..............