Roy shivers - Gm of the Year!!!!!!

Got to give Roy credit for all those QB's he got for the Riders.
Riders Rule

Joseph- whos hurt and when he did play was only bringing the team to a mediocore record

Crandell- who got hurt in his first game

Butler- who has played 2 games against a defence quite possible worse then the bombers of 2005

Id also like to mention brendan taman for giving us the next great QB of the CFL future in Mike Quinn :smiley:

OK Turkey you are up! :lol:

he has the best hair, best toothpick, and best walking cane in the cfl.

And the best quote.
"I'm fine! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, I'm gonna go home and have a big, juicy steak."

  • Roy Shivers, apparently getting ready to celebrate after being fired as GM of the Roughriders.

Maybe he will show up as the eventual Tiger cats new GM :o

Hey he would do a good job better then now! The problem is you better open the vault he needs lots of pay roll! He will be a player personnel guy or end up in Ottawa! I just can not see him and Bob Young working together! :lol:

you forgot the best chip on his shoulder 8)

Roy is done in the can take that to the bank. Talked to him yesterday....he's retired!

the Riders hireing of carrot top will prove to be the biggest blunder in CFL history since the ticats Hired PAoPAo- TiCats should approach Shivers, to be the GM, in Hamilton


Tillman will make this team what it was in the early 70's! A Powerhouse.

you know crap all there buddy

Tillman did a respectable job when he was with the renegades it was the coaching there ( paopao again :o )