Roy Finch arrested...

…drug possession, evading arrest, assaulting a cop etc. etc…dramatic take down video even…dude can out juke 90% of the CFL but can’t escape some oklahoma cops…evidence that weed is not performance enhancing…not going to end up well for ol’ Roy I would think…

Not good indeed, much same link script that RedandWhite posted however.

It was no kick return touch down, but apparently he did manage to out into the complex before police apprehended him.

On a human level I'm not saying what Roy Finch did was excusable, but society is only starting to realize illicit drug possession/consumption is a health matter, not something that should be prosecuted.

Trudeau comments on the said topic in the link above.

Yes, I read that earlier.

Given what sometimes happens down there he is lucky he wasn’t gunned down.

Sad it is.
However it still all comes down to personal responsibility in life.

Wow . That footage from the policecam , just like on the field on a kick return it took 12 guys to bring him down . I also have to say that looking at Finch's mug shot that his face looked like he got a good tuning up while in custody . :oNow I like everybody else have no idea what actually happened here BUT I do know that while I don't smoke it personally myself that smoking pot does not normally make one violent.....especially violent enough to allegedly take a swing at a cop . I'm thinking that maybe Mr Finch might of had a few other more potent chemicals in his system than just some harmless THC .

I'm thinking that there is more to this story here than meets the eye . I also have to agree with others that with the gun loving mentality in the States that Finch was very lucky not to have wound up on a slab in the morgue with more than a few bullet holes in him instead of just a banged up bruised head and a swollen eye . the video again, he got his face slammed when the officer tackled him

NO the one police officer made a great tackle and took him down. Then need help to pull hands backwards for hand cuffing. All Roy had to do was step out of the vehicle place hands behind back and be hand cuffed, place in police cruiser, site quietly as police check his identification. Small ticket issued then released. But No run away from your car and fight police which is a lose-lose situation.
Now he will play the black card. Sad.

Must be two videos, because what I saw was an overly aggressive cop
Throwing a little guy face down into the pavement.

Pretty much. I am not going to pretend it is easy being black in the US nor that they are always treated equally, but if a cop approaches you then you pretty much have to comply, and at minimum, if you tun you are done for, whether they should have been approaching you or not.

Oh, really. With all the privileges and special treatment that buys you in the US justice system, right?

Well, it was clearly a support cruiser that was showing up after the incident was started that they have released video from. There were at least 3 there. So yeah...obviously it is not the full incident on video there. You can clearly see he is resisting....yeah, a cop is going to get pissed off and physical enough to end the situation when that happens. No idea if the cops stepping in in the first place was right or not...but if you resist you are going to get hurt.

The CFL’s reigning Most Outstanding Special Teams Player Roy Finch has been accused of assaulting police officers in Edmond, Oklahoma. According to the Fox News affiliate, police were called to a residential area at around 6:30 a.m. on April 15 afterreceiving a reportthat acarhad been parked and idling for more than an hour. From the story via[url=][/url]:
Police arrived on scene and made contact with Roy Finch, 26. Officers noted an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. When officers were attempting to place Finch in custody on a marijuana complaint he allegedly swung at one of them. While attempting to restrain him, Finch was able to get away from custody and run through the complex. A perimeter was set up and he was found near the south gate of the complex. A second altercation between officers and Finch then occurred. At one point, Finch was hit in the back with a taser. Officers were eventually able to get him to the ground but unable to place him in handcuffs. Officers used the “drive stun? on their taser and were eventually able to place him into custody. Edmond police say that Finch received lacerations to the right side of his face during the struggle.
Finch has been charged with assault and battery of an officer, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. [url=]Police dash cam video[/url] has been released. Finch apparently has other legal problems as well. From a story [url=]in the Norman Transcript[/url]:
Court records indicate other legal issues for Finch, who had a March 12 court appearance in Lincoln County on one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and reckless driving. He was due back in court Monday.
The 26-year-old had a stellar season in 2018, leading the CFL in punt return yards (1,200) and yards per return (16.4 among players with a minimum of five tries) and his 103-yard effort for a touchdown in Week 7 against Toronto was the longest punt return so far this season. Those totals earned Finch the Most Outstanding Special Teams Player award. He’s a dynamic weapon on offence too, producing 114 rush yards on 21 carries and recording 18 receptions for 133 yards, including 79 yards after the catch. Finch signed a two-year extension with Calgary in February.

Someone from in the building called police, so they responded as they should or NO!!

Why would you not follow officers instruction and why run!! That'll help things for sure.
There is another video which catches the first part of action, officer hit/punched.
How play that black card again. Wrong is normally wrong.

Very unfortunate, and from the video I saw, it only shows the end of the altercation.
Hope the whole story comes out.

Jerome messam on twitter, while stating he didn't have the full story and situation, implied the race card at the same time.

Only hope this wasn't the case.

Hopefully, this gets properly investigated.

Yeah...Messam looks bad there IMO. They joys if social media.

Cops responded to a call regarding a resulted in Finch running through the compound trying to evade. Whether the cops were right in trying to deal with suspicion if put as soon as he takes off he is pooched. Are police to ignore the complaint? It is not like there was profiling was a concerned citizen calling it in.

Or, maybe he is only guilty of being out in public while Black, and/or the cops are lying. Or, maybe there is much LESS to the story than meets the eye.

Black people (men, women, and children) being gunned down, harassed, arrested for no good reason happens ALL THE TIME, every day in the U.S. Until all the facts are known and the man has his day in court there is no reason to believe this isn't just another case of racism by cop.