Rowdy "Roseanne" Rousey Wrestlemania Debut

Vince McMahon's WWE promotion has been working with Rowdy Ronda Rousey for the better part of a year - after she was put to sleep by inferior women her last 2 UFC outings

Don't think its going so well. Lots of folks still love Ronda cuz of her exploits in UFC (unbeaten run vs. soup cans and vegetables)

She got a rep (deserved) for being brash, cocky and mouthy. WWE loves that type of spunk. . . . . even if its all a jack!

However, WWE has been working carefully with Rousey so as not to expose her numerous deficiencies (ie. poor training ethic, inferior practice habits, non-existent boxing skills, reliance on her patented arm-twist)

They've put her in a top-card match vs. Stephanie McMahon - the WWE princess who's risen to #2 spot behind her legendary daddy warbucks, Vince. At 42/43 Steph has had a few children (married to HHH) but still retains a fairly svelte body shape (she's approx. 5'10", they bill her at 5'8" so as to not dwarf all the other female workers who are mostly 5'1" to 5'8") and she's a McMahon.

To protect Roseanne Rousey (I call her that cuz she's all plumped up - looks more like Roseanne than a typical WWE diva) they've paired her with a Mr. Everything, legendary Kurt Angle - a legit Olympic gold medalist (wrestling) while Steph is paired with her husband - 48 yr old HHH.

Expect HHH & Angle to do most of the in-ring fighting - but I do expect Ronda's carcass to cover Steph at the end of the day - in order to keep propping up Ronda as a winner. The other possibility is Ronda putting her arm-bar on Steph and trying to rip it out of its socket (that's the threat anyways). I suspect she'll clamp it on a couple times and have HHH interrupt the tap-out, either by pushing Ronda off, or whomping the ref. Traditional WWE methods.

The other method - considering WWE is always full of twists and turns is to turn Roseanne heel during the match - ie. turning on Angle and causing Kurt to be pinned or dead-panned by HHH - allowing Rousey to escape with her dignity and begin a new route as Stephanie McMahon's house slave at WWE.

Most knowledgeable WWE & UFC fans know Ronda can't fight - she can't take punishment and is massively out of shape. The question is how the writers utilize her during this match and into the future! Which is probably not that long in WWE - if anything goes awry or Ronda suffers any level of personal embarrassment that's unscripted during her WM debut.

She is so hot but also so trashy. :slight_smile:

In my life, those things are usually mutually exclusive.

She's massively out of shape? You've lost your mind.

Lyle goes the Cro-Magnon Jill Officer, but yeah, I agree with you. I'm not a fan of WWE at all, its only a shadow of what it used to be...

Rousey is training with the WWE - but that doesn't mean she's in game shape!

Even with extensive UFC/MMA training she gassed badly vs. Holly Holm and was so fatigued Holm was able to kick Rousey's head off.

vs. the pudgy and short Mexican girl, Rousey could barely last past the introductions. As soon as she began moving she began gassing - beaten to a pulp in under 48 seconds.

In the massive heat and lights of the New Orleans facility - the WWE (mostly Vince & HHH) will be cognizant of extreme heat.

And if anyone here has seen Rousey doing WWE promos (she's bad, really bad) they'd notice she's blown up from her usual game weight of 135 to 136 (going up to 144 by fight time) to around 160 to 170 - she's got what they call Jerry Blackwell thighs. . . . . . which means WWE writers will have her wear a club jacket, ex-large throw-on, etc. Last thing they need to do is put a woman like that in 2 piece wrestling gear.

Fortunately (for her) WWE production will instruct Ronda to chain herself to the corner and let Angle do all the work - teasing her entry several times but limiting her engagement with Stephanie to a few angry but controlled seconds or keeping her chained to the corner until the writers give her the thumbs up fora heel turn (ie. causing Angle to lose)

Do you like anything? So negative all the time. ::slight_smile:

Of course they put her with Angle/HHH to carry the match. Rousey is new to wrestling, they need veterans there to keep things moving smoothly.

She really doesn't look any different than her UFC days. She fought at 135 lbs, but like all fighters walked around much heavier than that. Was probably closer to 160 between fights.

Here's a recent article with some before and after photos of Rousey.

Judge for yourself . . .

That is from 2 years ago.

Short and pudgy Mexican girl, eh?

You mean 5'8" Amanda Nunes, from Brazil?

I like a woman with a little bit of meat on her bones.

This was from last night. Who knows if she'll be a good performer in the WWE, but calling her out of shape is crazy.

If I remember correctly, Rousey's current reputation is that of someone who is a hard worker in training.

WWE is pairing Rousey with Stephanie because they want to create a modern version of Austin v Vince. That means Rosey is not turning unless the WWE secretly hired the wacky Vince Russo as the new booker.

Rousey will close the match with an armbar on Stephanie. Expect smoke and mirrors as Angle probably should not be in the ring considering his history of injuries. While Angle is crazy and could conceivably disregard his health just for a match, the last thing Vince wants is any tragedy with Kurt in a WWE ring.

Match itself will be a "Macho Man" in that every single move that occurs will be scripted and practiced multiple times before it happens in front of a crowd.

She wanted Paul Heyman to be her mouthpiece, but the WWE declined that request. For one, Heyman is associated with heels. And another, the McMahons do not like the perception of Heyman outsmarting a McMahon even in storyline.

Like big-name ex-NFL players who come to the CFL, the WWE should have started slowly with Rousey by placing her in development for multiple years. But as in the CFL, there is an expectation that if you sign for a big contract, you have have to perform at the highest level immediately. Otherwise you are branded a bust.

Rousey looks like she is in great shape in that dress for Dancing with the Stars .

It would be good for her if she did it ; as it's very hard work and great choreography like the WWE . If she can do it there she will be able to do the sequences necessary to perform on the other stage as well with a little sex appeal they get with the intense dance training . Great for the core and legs . UFC Paige Van Zant tried it and was pretty good .

Sign her up .

Good observations about Rosey applying her deadly armbar (her only great move) onSteph when the match is drawing down - might even put one on HHH just for laughs. I agree Angle will be leaving early (fake injury or occupied with a run-in) so Rosey will be by herself trying to put Steph away.

The McMannequins have already blown their cover about Rousey - they know she's not a naturally gifted microphone performer in the fake rasslin' environs - and she's shown a propensity to blow-up (aka run outta gas) in prior MMA encounters. With extreme heat and pressure to execute agreed upon moves Ronda may be in over her head.

HHH and Steph have already promo'd that they're going to "break Rousey and then re-build her like they do to so many young superstars". Basically, unlike most stuff vomited up by WWE personnel they may actually be telling the truth on that one - Ronda is not responding to training, cannot execute basic WWE moves and has proven to be a liability on the mic. No wonder HHH wants to rebuild her - but they also have to extremely careful they don't leave her embarrassed and all alone when the thing concludes. I'm sure they have back-up plans to run-in extra bodies and make a mess of things if Ronda gets into big trouble!

She looks great. Who's the dude?

Really - they shoulda put Ronda in a Table, Ladders & Chocolate Bunnies from Hell in a Cell match with Precious & Chrissy Metz.

No idea. My wrestling knowledge isn't what it used to be. Could just be a fan or something.

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Thinkthe guy in the first picture posted is someonewhose company handledwardrobe for the event. Audience here will have probably have better luck recognizingRousey’s companion in this picture.

I heard she uses a fasting diet of some sort like eat every other day or something .
She has to be in good shape because that dress is painted on . Your stomach would need to be flat or risk ridicule in this body perfect obsessed culture .

Why is she standing beside Henri Richard . :smiley: