Rowdy Ronda Rousey leaves MMA for WWE

How did she fleece anyone? She beat the top fighters in her weight class at the time. She didn't duck any big fights, Holm and Nunes just weren't ready until ~2015.

Over 90% of her victories came from an armbar submission, which any trained gorilla could do. She didn't exhibit any genuine MMA talent that requires consistently taking it to the opponent enough to earn a TKO or KO. Hyperextending someone else's arm to the point of dislocation isn't fighting.

This is just dumb now. Jiu-jitsu is a significant part of MMA. If it was so easy, why didn't anyone stop her?

I bet she'd kick your ass

Other than movie reviewing, I have never been the best at anything...

She was. How many of us can say that? I'm guessing none, so... Good for her!

I don't know Kevin...i think this guy has you beat for movie critic

He WAS the best until he died of a drug overdose outside the Viper Room in 2017.

Now, I'm # 1!

And got paid and getting paid nicely too. :wink:

Who got/is getting paid nicely . . . Kevin? Ronda? Both? :smiley:

Agreed. Bieber is super-talented. Also super-annoying. Plump Ronda is not that talented - a good judoka who won an Olympic medal. The key word in all this hocus-pocus is "protected" and WWE will go the distance in protecting their new asset - until she fails to earn protection - then all bets are off!

“Bieber is super-talented”

I just had my laugh for the day

in fact, this one will probably be good for a few days

She ducked Cyborg for years. Cyborg was bigger, stronger and much rougher than Rousey could ever dream of. She managed to duck Cyborg semi-legitimately with Dana White's help - Cyborg was portrayed as a 145 lb. fighter - Rousey clung to the 135 lb. area like there was no tomorrow. They probably could have met at a catch weight of somewhere around 138 to 141 as Ronda was plumping up last few years.

Yes, she beat Miesha Tate twice, Miesha took her deep into one of their two fights, showing far too much respect for Ronda's ability to grind her arm off (ronda's specialty) while Ronda finally met Holm at 135, Holm forced to come down from her boxing weight of over 147 - yet she manhandled Ronda, hurt her badly before finally kicking Ronda's head off.
Nunes was a shorter and apparently weaker woman but Nunas brutalized Ronda for nearly 45 seconds before the official "protected" Ronda by way of TKO,
In the world of real fighting, where punches, kicks and holds hurt Ronda is a spent force.
The natural next big fight for UFC is Cyborg vs. Holm II (Holm went the distance with a supreme killer)
or Nunes vs. Cyborg (Nunes has an attack plan but after stinging Cyborg for the better part of the first round, she'll run out of gas and Cyborg will put her away)

Nunes vs. Holm would be a saleable fight in UFC terms.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer notes that perhaps the primary reason for hiring Ronda Rousey by the WWE is to get Stephanie McMahon recognizable as a mainstream personality.

While that might sound insane, Vince is spending roughly $100 million in the resurrection of the XFL. Curiously, that is the same amount spent on Linda McMahon's 2 failed Senate bids. Both arguably were done because they wanted to make a name for themselves outside of wrestling.

Sounds like Trump when he wanted to make a name for himself outside of real estate development and TV reality shows. Just wants a bigger pond to play in.
= MORE $$

Agree with most of your comments. Keep in mind Trump was only early to mid-60s when he decided to make a slow-play into presidential politics. Isn't Vince McMahon somewhere between 72 and 75? Much better shape than Trump but Vince is an old man now - he's doing this to get his 42 year old daughter a nice platform - heeling or allying with Ronda Rousey is a good way to build her up . . . I suspect McMahon might even make offers to Holly Holm, Cyborg & Miesha Tate (all camera friendly athletes, sorry Amanda Nunes isn't) giving them healthy paycheques in order to be humiliated & defeated (the McMahon playbook) by the Ronda/Stephanie team. Imagine Ronda's orgasmic expression if she was booked to choke out the woman (Holm) who kicked her head off in UFC?
Or if Stephanie was somehow able to go over on Cyborg & Tate (for massive appearance fees)

You can`t be serious.

I believe that is the correct figure.

Anyway, Ronda Rousey will team with Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania in a match against HHH+ Stephanie McMahon. So, it will be The Olympians v The McMahons. While Angle and HHH might have been top-notch wrestlers in their prime, the goal for this match will be to set up Rousey for the hot tag and hopefully a huge pop.

Reality TV meets fake wrestling.
Suckers: Open your wallets!