Rowdy Ronda Rousey leaves MMA for WWE

Vince & his #1 boy Triple Ache just signed their #1 target, Ronda Rousey to a WWE contract.

The over-under bet on this thing is how long Rousey lasts before she bolts this fake wrestling league.

I imagine she’ll take home a s-load of money and she’s secure in the knowledge that Vince & HHH will protect her.

By protect her they realize her deficiency in acrobatics and ring movement. Her MMA career was defined by bullying smaller, skinnier and weaker girls, finding their arms and threatening to break it until they tapped out.

Expect Vince to unleash Ronda in the following fashion:

  1. First 3 to 4 months - he’ll utilize her #1 asset, her MOUTH, in combo with her #2 asset (fame/reputation) to create a mega-villain who doesn’t roll around the ring much - just threatens and bullies the faces (good guys)

  2. She’ll be given a cadre of fellow villains (bullies) who carry out her orders and do all the grunt work (rolling around the ring) while Ronda stands in a protected area with her arms crossed, looking tough and menacing as the New Empress of the WWE.

Once 6 months are up the fervor for Rousey to enter the ring as a trained performer will be heightened - that’s where problems occur - especially if an opponent misses a spot or fails to protect the protected one. All hell will break loose and that’s why the over-under at Rousey stint in WWE is set at 10 months immo. Anyone else have thoughts?

Rousey is now where she belongs: in the theatrical entertainment business of the WWE. She has no place in MMA with a glass jaw like hers.

We began watching the Rousey fights after the rest of the world had passed us by and had declared her as the mighty Rousey and capable of beating anyone, perhaps even male MMA fighters. As such, I became interested. Subsequently, the only two fights we then watched - she got her butt kicked in record time by much lower profile women. They took Rousey apart, and she now cries when asked about it. Boo hoo.

Done in the UFC/MMA. She never belonged in there. Kudos to her for marketing herself into wealth while always remaining a substandard MMA fighter. Anyone who bought her book deserves a refund, IMO.

Her book was pure trash. I passed it up at Salvation Army recycle for $2.99
Lots of bragging, self-promotion, not much else. Most folks who were tricked into buying it (and any of her fights) end up putting it into the garage sale for 50 cents!

So long as HHH & Vince protect her in WWE (ie. let her be chief fake empress) they'll be OK. Once they decide to insert her into real game action she'll run like a scalded dog. Imagine her going up against real talent like Gail Kim, Trish Stratus or Lita. Heck even Maryse & Angelina Love would kick the crap out of her!

If Vince figures he's not getting his money's worth out of Lazy Ronda - he's the type who'd consider bringing Holly Holm, Cyborg or Amanda Nunes in for a special event - and let Ronda run for the hills. (she's terrified of all 3 women)

Good comments. I always thought Ronda was a female child-like bully. Tried to mask her deficits with the trash talk and attitude, and threats of taking your lunch money, but in reality she was just a scared girl who can’t take a punch or kick, and almost any nerd could kick the crap out of her when they tried. What got me thinking about how one dimensional she was - was when the talk about her competing with some UFC/MMA men surfaced. Then I knew we were now on fantasy island and her followers were succumbing to only the smoke & mirrors. Honestly - if the UFC allowed men to fight women, they would be shut down ASAP because women would soon be getting killed in the ring. Not cool.

The revisionist history on Ronda in this thread is ridiculous.

During her winning streak she was absolutely dominant. Sure she was stubborn and refused to hire a real coach, or change her game plan once her flaws were exposed. But I don't see how one could say she "never belonged". Anyone who wins as much as she did certainly belonged.

I think she is so hot. God help me but I have a thing for trashy women.

Ronda's competitors were spoon fed to her by White & Co in order build the product called Rowdy Ronda Rousey, and grow the category of female MMA fighters. In retail it's called a 'line extension', intended to increase sales and profits, and she slowly takes up more and more shelf space in your head and removes more and more $ from your wallet. Don't feel bad that you were duped. Millions were.

As soon as Ronda had to stand on her own - she couldn't. And now she's in the WWE! Bravo.

No wonder she still cries when she thinks about her only two serious competitors - Holm and Nunes. They signify her wake up call - and nobody enjoys those.

Spoonfed to her? She cleared out the division. She beat Meisha Tate twice, and Cat Zingano. Tate went on to beat Holly Holm to win the title. Zingano beat Amanda Nunes in her fight before Rousey.

Rousey's biggest weakness was elite strikers. It just so happened that during her UFC run there were no elite strikers around. Nunes wasn't ready yet, and Holm had just entered MMA.

According to Dave Meltzer:

-Rousey has been at the WWE training center since the Summer of 2017 and has been working out with the women on the roster.

-Women in the WWE respect her because of what she did in UFC. Plus, she brings more prestige to the women's division.

-Once it was announced that the women's rumble would go on last, everybody expected Rousey to make her debut. That is why she went through the trouble of going to Columbia and flying back by Charter. The WWE was hoping they could surprise the public.

-Unknown right now is what her "full time schedule" means exactly. One option would be for her to appear as often as Brock Lesnar.

-Rousey is a bigger mainstrain name than Lesnar, but Lesner right now is the bigger wrestling name.

-Meltzer thinks it would a good idea to protect her as much as possible and rarely wrestle on tv.

-However, he believes the signing is a good idea regards of how good of a worker she is or if she can cut a promo. She is a huge mainstrain name that will help the WWE gain more than her salary as their television rights are expiring and up for bidding.

-Current idea for Rousey's 1st match would be the upcoming Wrestlemania where Rousey + Mystery Partner vs. HHH + Stephanie McMahon. The Rock would of course be the idea candidate to be included, but Johnson has not wrestled in 5 years because he had movie commitments where the studios would not take the risk of him getting injured which would delay filming.

So aren't we saying the same thing? That anyone who could hit or kick well could very easily and very quickly beat Rousey?

No coincidence that good opponents arrived to fight Ronda only when they did. She thought she was bigger than the UFC. Turned out she was dead wrong.

We're not saying the same thing at all. If a football team makes it to the Grey Cup with poor run defense, but a spectacular offence, you can't say they don't belong on the field. Sports is filled with examples of incredibly successful one dimensional teams/athletes. All that matters in the end is wins. Rousey had a 4 year run where she was able to beat the top competition in her weight class.

Ronda Rousey was a 4yr marketing exercise that worked.

She got rich, UFC got rich, a new category of women who roared was created, and the fans got fleeced, because Rousey was not at all indicative of the best.You were only told to THINK this. And you did. She was manufactured to appear to be the best. Once the category began to outgrow her, she then had to fight real fighters and we all know how that turned out, lol.

She's adorable, sexy and a marketer's dream.

Was she as good as everyone thought? No, but she was still a very good fighter. Also, from the looks of things, she isn't all juiced up - unlike most of her competition in the UFC; at the risk of stating the obvious, some of the current UFC female fighters look like they take steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During her unbeaten run, no one was better than her. No one beat her, or came close to her. Holly Holm was just entering the world of MMA. Nunes hadn’t figured it out yet, and lost to Cat Zingano (who Rousey then beat in 14 seconds).

Marketing didn’t win those fights, and she could only beat the people in front of her. As the sport evolved, with women like Holly Holm and Nunes improving, it passed her by.

Rousey succeeded at what she does best: Become a great actress, play the script and take your money as fans dreamily think she's so awesome, because they're told to believe this. Justin Bieber does the same thing with teenage girls. Except that Bieber is actually quite talented.

She succeeded at beating everyone in her weight class for several years. She's a pretty terrible actress.

Yes, she also won a bronze medal in judo at the Olympics. She has talent, but maybe not the mental makeup to overcome athletic difficulties.

She's defeated women who have defeated the women whom she lost to, so some talent is clearly there. I suspect part of her drop off might be due to changes in the rules for weight-cutting, like no IVs. She used to have a large size and strength advantage over opponents.

I find it interesting that some people on this thread comment that wrestling is fake (of course it is) but think Rousey would get her butt kicked because of her real-life fighting skills. If she's popular enough, then the other WWE talent would put her over. It's the way the business has always worked.

The Rock was mediocre as an actual wrestler but looked good and was maybe the best ever at working the mic. The two worst wrestlers that I've ever seen were Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior but their gimmicks sold tickets so the belts went on them.

I find it funny when ever people has complained that wrestling is fake. All the fight scenes in movies and tv shows is fake, yet we enjoy watching just the same.

I find it funny that some people are so quick to discredit legitimate accomplishments.