Row 25?

We are thinking of moving seats and we have been offered seats in row 25 (lower bowl) which is the first row below the concourse. Does anybody here have any experience with row 25 (doesn't matter which section) and is there a problem with it? I know there is a row at the concourse level that is wheelchair accessible so there is a supposed buffer between row 25 and the concourse but I have seen people watching the game from the railing at times. Don't really want people standing behind me while they're eating and drinking.

We are in Section 112, Row 21, about the middle of the row. In the north east, near the steam whistle. I think maybe the last row of "grey seats" before the "yellow seats" begin? Funny, but I can't clearly picture it.

I wonder if row 25 does back onto the concourse there, I' thinking there are maybe 6 or seven rows behind us? Anyway, we like our seats, we are close to the concourse for half time, end of game etc. We can also drop down about 5 or 6 rows and head through Section 111 for access to the second level concourse.

There is handicapped seating behind our section, and generally, only actual seat holders are allowed there. We were standing near the rail just before one game, and the security people moved us along. Can't say that is a normal practice or just a zealous worker.

One annoying problem is that on windy days, we are bombarded by bits of popcorn blowing down from the second tier. It is almost constant. Plus serviettes and bits of debris, but the popcorn is noticeable.

Probably not much help?

It is good to hear that the security moved you away from the railing. That is one of our concerns.

We were in Row 17 and had the same problem. It seems that its an issue with the East side. You can see it blowing all over the place. Moving back to Row 19 next season to pick up 2 extra seats.

section 115 row 23 no problems here you get the best of both concourses

S115 R25 - We absolutely love being in row 25 and wouldn't dream of moving down. We had issues with people lingering at the very first game (Labour Day 2014), but never since. They've added a line on the concourse to keep people back from those in the wheelchair accessible seating and security is very consistent in making sure that people stay clear (although I think people understand now as security is seldom having to get involved). The sight lines are fantastic and for us, the best part is that you can stand whenever you want and not be blocking anyone's view.

Like Mustang, our seats were in section 115, row 23, seats 1 and 2. They were great seats! Because of health issues, we moved to row 26 on the concourse. The seats were great but the over zealous fans standing behind the yellow line were a pain in the butt. Why they choose to stand and watch the game is beyond me. If good health returns, I'd love to go back to row 23. Sweet seats!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Long time season ticket holder here;

I have a general tendency to stand, jump, yell, clap, drum on railings / walls, and encourage and insight frenzied madness in my section. It's really what going to a football game is about.

That being said, I can understand not wanting someone spilling relish on your shoulder while they're eating a hot dog.

Well Pat I'm an old guy too and if I sit too long my feet fall asleep. Standing when the excitement builds is a great option in row 25!