Rourke to begin NFL workouts

The CFL believes the a date is relevant when it stamps the "109th" on it's championship game, the Grey Cup. The NFL uses an outdated Roman numerals while ignore the Metric System within it's society.

The CFL is the second true Canadian domestic league in the country behind the NHL. The NHL stopped being that when expanded beyond the Original Six

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His brother will never see a CFL field as a player - unless he comes back at the end of his career.
Partly because he's 6'5" and can see over the line, and partly because of skill, he's already on everyone in the NFL's radar.

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What's next you gonna bring dictionary experts or English professors from some online college? You're insulting my intelligence by that tactic. I know what "niche" means.

It's ironic that we are having a discussion about CFL Football and you are guilty of moving the goal posts.

The CFL is a legit professional domestic league that in in the mix with other US based professional leagues(NHL, NBA, MLB) operating within Canada. The NHL is a better comparison(7 Canadian NHL teams, two which has CFL ownership) than the NBA and MLB when they only have one team operating inside Canada.

Bethel-Thompson rant was aimed at guys like you. Heed his advice

He'll end up like Nathan. He won't get drafted by the NFL, might get a tryout for a position he doesn't play but get drafted by a CFL team that will give him a chance to be a QB.

The tall QBs are passe' the NFL recognizes smaller guys like K. Murray. R. Wilson. The NFL has upgraded it radar scope since the days of Dan McGwire, brother of 'riod Mark

You discuss niche by switching to a discussion of how long the 3-down game has existed and how the Americans took it and changed it, and I am moving the one moving the goalposts? This is simply something upon which we will never agree ... in theory I would say that we agree on supporting the CFL, but I am not certain you accept that I do.

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I still fail to understand how the history or date of origin of a particular sport has any relevance to determining if that sport is considered “niche”?

It doesn’t. Niche as it pertains to sports has to do solely with what percentage of people are interested. Nothing more, nothing less.

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If you support the CFL, be all in or not. I accept the CFL warts and all. I am optimistic that the CFL will evolve for the better. It needs patience from fans rather than whining and compare to other pro leagues


"all in" does not require being blind to the rest of the world ... but feel free to be so insecure about the CFL that you must deny any facts that may be inconvenient.

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You're the one being in denial. You'd make a horrible teammate, partner. First sign of trouble, you'd bitch and complain and if it changes for the better, that still won't be enough.

But this is about Rourke's pending departure and not me. Stay current

If YOU say so

Doctor, heal thyself.

But surely that patience will only extend so far? Middle-aged and older fans may be diehard traditionalists who will love the CFL until they day they die and love the cultural/national aspect of the league, but if their kids are watching and enjoying the NFL more then the league has a problem.

Players who don't make the NFL come to Canada for a chance at a career and possibly a later chance to crack a U.S. roster, but is that because the CFL is a brilliant league or because (for now at least) there's no other option? If the USFL and XFL actually work this time around and become somewhat established then the CFL has a fight on its hands regarding salaries, convenience of staying in the USA and American TV exposure. You can't criticise fans for comparing the quality of pro leagues when you know that's what the players themselves will be doing.

Like it or not, Canadian football is a niche sport. Nothing wrong with that if you can make it work, look at Aussie Rules (not and has never been played professionally outside Australia) or Gaelic Games (100% amateur) but those two sports cut their cloth accordingly - Aussie Rules pays great salaries but the major games can draw 50-60,000 crowds with the absolute top rivalries drawing 80,000. A regular season game (though admittedly a derby) will match or exceed the attendance for the Grey Cup.

Gaelic Games has much lower regular-season crowds and fewer matches but then there are no salaries to pay so it balances out. Also, many of the counties are rural low population so crowds will naturally have a limit.

The CFL at the moment is in a "worst of all worlds" situation, because they're stuck paying high salaries to players who either never made it in the NFL (MBT) will likely jump ship to the NFL (Rourke) or to use 3DN's favourite phrase, simply see the CFL as a stepping stone for them to "pursue NFL opportunities" (Streveler). These high salaries are paid on the back of slowly dwindling crowds and a seeming reluctance on the part of the CFL hierarchy to realise that we are now in the 2020s not the 1970s and NFL, soccer and basketball now compete for attention and fans instead of the CFL-NHL duopoly of the past.

I admire your optimism that the CFL will change for the better but it needs to change quickly, because where is the next generation of fans coming from?


You've summarized things nicely.

But I'm optimistic that although there are problem areas right now, there is movement in the right direction and we will also see future positive moves from the league and that the CFL will do better over time.

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I think the league is working behind the scenes more than they're letting on and pessimistic people just can't believe without seeing it. I don't blame them, but I think the Genius partnership will pay dividends and I think the Toronto area will come around to understand the fun they can have going and cheering for a team like the Argos.

I mean, I was half shocked to see the Grey Cup at a Leafs game. And then the standing ovation at the Raptors game. Did we even think that MLSE would care to do that. It wasn't something they announced in advance and I'm sure there are other good idea that currently aren't being announced in advance.

We just need to chill...


I wonder if fan-based constructive criticism and pressure led to MLSE coming around slightly and doing these things? If we had all just been good, quiet little fans happily mailing in our money, would MLSE or any of the other owners even bother to try to make things better?


I don't get a sense they follow these forums. They're making small contributions right now. Maybe more to come. I'm hopeful.

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Yes they would because of the stipulation in the revenue sharing agreement that has to do with spending x number of dollars to receive a bigger share.

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I didn’t mean just on these forums... FB comments, press stories, call-in radio... during the Grey Cup Q and A some fans let it be known what they thought when Randy talked about MLSE... all that adds up.


Perhaps, but throwing money at a problem requires as much aim as anything else.


Thank you!


Here's some food for thought on this part of your fine post, for which I will put a link for discussion because it would be well off-topic.

As linked is how I see the current situation for many players who do not make the NFL cut, as in making a roster AND actually playing in a regular season game.

I see any success of the XFL 3.5 as far more of a threat than the USFL 2.0 for reasons noted.

Either one is seeking break the streak of ALL failures of full-gridiron American football in the spring on US soil as well. The most successful such league was on European soil we should note, and that was only because the NFL spent tens of millions of dollars on it in a losing venture.

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