Rourke to begin NFL workouts: edit - Rourke signs with the Jaguars

If Nathan signs with an NFL team, he can kiss his opportunity to play against his brother in the CFL good-bye.

I do not think that ever crossed his mind ... An NFL contract is more than you think it is

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Yeah that’s too bad. I had read that he was hurt.

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kinda deja vu


I'm sure the million extra dollars above a CFL contract he would earn if he makes a full roster will soften the blow slightly...

Plus he can race Chris Streveler as to who gets the NFL pension first.

Hey guys I am from BC and the word out here is Nathen himself said I am not going to sign a NFL contract for anything
It has to be the exact right situation for me because I have no problem coming back to BC and playing for the lions so it’s a win win situation . Nathen is going to make his decision at the latest by Mid January 2023 .


I think you will have him for one more year at least, largely due to his injury.

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Won't be the CFL's version of the Manning brothers. Will end up like Christian Hackenberg

Tell me what more the NFL contract is.

more on brother Kurtis, including statement from Nathan:


A healthier bank account ... and ... an opportunity to play in the most widely recognized "football" league in the world.


Mo money, Mo problems. I guess he gots to pay back mommy and daddy for fronting his NFL dreams.

That would be the EPL that is "recognized as the widely football league in the world". Gridiron football is and always be a niche sport outside North America

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The quotation marks were intentional to distinguish North American "football" from what the rest of the world recognizes as football ... apologies if it was too subtle ... and by your own logic, the CFL is a niche sport within North America.

Not in Canada, the CFL isn't. 3 Down football has been played since 1861. It's the Yanks that deviated from the original 3 Down game that we introduced to them in the famous McGill/Harvard game


The date of inception is irrelevant.
Lacrosse and field hockey predate Canadian football yet are considered niche sports in Canada.

Fact is, that the CFL is no longer the prominent sport that it once was in the 70’s and early 80’s falling further behind in net popularity to the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA.
Even the MLS has made positive gains over the years while the CFL has experienced marked declines.

Sadly, there is increasing widespread indifference across this country for Canadian football and the powers that be are guilty of gross mismanagement and have been for decades.


NICHE = a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

It has nothing to do with how long a game has been played or who "introduced" who to what or which is the "better" game ... the Super Bowl attracts twice as many viewers in Canada than does the Grey Cup ... that the CFL is MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE doesn't mean I cannot recognize/accept that more Canadians are interested in the NFL than the CFL ... there are also more interested in the NHL (obviously), the NBA and MLB ... if the CFL were not a "niche" product it would be FAR, FAR more financially stable than it has been and remains.


This can be changed. Let's try to stay positive.

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Staying positive that it can, and hopefully will, be changed does not require ignoring reality.

Unless someone holds feet to fire, there's no incentive for change. Call it tough love :wink:

Sure, it can be changed for the better…although the past 40 years have shown that the will is lacking.