Rourke to begin NFL workouts: edit - Rourke signs with the Jaguars

If he spent an entire season on the practice squad next season, with no gameday wear & tear, he would make (at current rates of exchange) almost $290K CDN ... with the chance of getting almost $54K CDN extra for each game for which he might dress ... as well as having the chance to learn the system and impress coaches/management to earn a full-time roster spot for 2024 ($794USD minimum) ... to make more in the CFL would, I believe, require a contract re-negotiation ... would BC consider a $300K+ contract that would give Rourke a NFL option after next season or would he have to put off any "NFL dreams" until after the 2024 or 2025 CFL season. to get a deal done ... nothing is ever as simple as it seems.


In the CFL, this is definitely true

Wishful thinking (I'm guessing). NFL clubs deal with broken bones all the bloody time. They know that the proceedure you speak of is minor surgery. Besides, Rourke is a crazy fast healer. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn that he's scheduled to get those plates and/or screws out this Thursday Morning which would leave him plenty of time to keep his afternoon tennis match with Andre Agassi.


Any young, talented Canadian rookies would have to be Class A stupid not to push their NFL opportunities to the max before "settling' for a CFL contract. This rookie contract bs has to stop.


Not wishful thinking at all, a legitimate question. I would be very happy to see him, a Canadian kid, be successful as a QB in the big smoke.
Part of the "crazy fast healing" was the insertion of the stabilizing plate that apparently isn't the normal procedure. The reason given for the modified procedure was to, hopefully, allow him to come back earlier than usually anticipated.
I don't know what the recuperation time is for the impending surgery is because....dammit Jim...I'm a GP...not an orthopedic sugeon!


Duly noted Bones. Tell Scotty we need Collaros back up to full speed by Sunday or we're in deep doo-doo. :grimacing:

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Have no fear, sprinkling in some trilithium with the dilithium crystals for increased velocity.
"To infinity and beyond"...oops wrong reference.
Houston, there will be no problem.
"Fava beans and a nice little Cianti" (for a return to the lifeboat discussion).
Scatology Tuesday here in the Peg in case you needed an explanation.

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Well the Bronco's are in the market for good QB!!LOL

Stay in Canada, kid. The CFL needs you. Money ain't everything. The NFL will just bury you like it has with Streveler and he won a Grey Cup. No NFL team will give you a legitimate shot at being the man because of their biases towards the CFL. Even Doug Flutie got shafted in Buffalo when he returned to the NFL.

If you want to go the NFL, be like how Warren Moon did it. Leave the CFL at 28, dominate the CFL, win some MOPs, GCs where they can't leave you on the bench holding a clipboard.

I'm sure Doman and your agent can find you national sponsorship deals to supplement your earning.

Choose wisely. It's turning into Bizarro world down there

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this is interesting from Dave Naylor:

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Even without the rookie contract, a primo franchise QB in Canada makes about the same as a practice roster guy in the NFL. And thats not calculating in the higher taxes here, plus the chance to be in his own country, plus opportunities for looks from various teams and coaches. All things being equal (which they aren’t), the opportunity to cash in, make endorsement money, and play for 4x the crowds (or more) would be a pretty tough temptation to walk away from.


If you're good enough to crack the roster 10x as much money as you'd get here. In a short career every year counts bigtime. You have to make it while you can so you can't deny them the chance. I'll hang my hat on the fact that many, if not most, who try for the NFL end up back here. It's fierce slogging for those NFL gravy jobs.

Sure you make the money, but you don't have any accolades to display in the trophy case. Check out Mr. Hair Bun, TSN insider Luke Willson's bookshelf when he does a remote from his mancave. Nothing but books, is he starting a library or to appear booksmart?

At least when TSN had Jabarri Greer, you saw his hardware displayed

I just heard from a interview with Rourke

Rourke said he didn’t know what that NFL opportunity actually looks like, beyond having a chance at playing time. The idea of being a practice-squad quarterback or a clipboard-holding No. 3 doesn’t doesn’t appeal to him.

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Warren Moon was the highest paid QB when he signed in Houston. Those were good times for the CFL.

Flutie wasn't given a proper opportunity in Buffalo. They had predetermined who the starting quarterback was and he did well to play his way to QB1.

Incredibly, Streveler had some regular season game time under his belt. But I wouldn't put him in the same sentence as Flutie, Moon or even Rourke.

If Streveler can get a chance to be the next Taysom Hill (who's not even entrenched as a QB) then definitely Rourke gets a chance.

So sad that we can't ensure Rourke and other young stars staying in our league. That's the crux of our "Minor League" perception that prevents the Big cities from drawing decent support.

Something's got to change to stop that vicious cycle.


It is tough competition, but elite athletes usually have high confidence in themselves.

I'd be very surprised to see a top level player pass on the chance for the big prize.