Rourke shines in leading Lions to Week 1 Victory

VANCOUVER โ€” The BC Lions made a statement on Saturday night with a 59-15 win over the Edmonton Elks to close out Week 1 of CFL action.

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I know you can't read too much into this but :blush: :smiley:.


He did look great in the QB spot, but also, truth be told they were playing a very very poor team who put in a crap effort.

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Rourke played a great game. The Lions played solidly. Give credit where it's due. Enough of these excuses. Enjoy the win.


not an excuse, the Lions are very much for real and will be a team to not take lightly. It was a fun game to watch and nice to see a team that struggled last season get its molo back... the EE on the other hand... yikes...


You just have to hope that for the sake of the league Edmonton isn't really that bad, In a 9 team league you don't need a team that's totally non competitive


One team usually is noncompetitive in the cfl every year. Or least one team for most of a season.

Nice video recap of the whole gameday experience in BC last night:

Oh well, I guess I can't direct link the video. But look for it on the Lions FB page. It's really well done. @MattL91 Any chance we can get these types of videos to play directly from the forum?

Here it is on the Lions homepage:

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My first thought when watching this game at half time "Is BC really that great or is Edmonton really that bad"
After some careful contemplation I figure BC is really good, made to look really great by a Chris Jones inept team.
Jones did the hiring , Jones organized the team and called the plays and Jones trained the Defense that was non-existent.
So much has been made of Jones' past but all the success he was a part of was under the control of a Great GM and/or Coach. Look how little Jones did in 3 years at Regina. Only after Craig Dickenson took over the HC job did the Riders become a real competitor.
Congrats to the BC Lions, Rourke, Fans and Campbell including his hard working Coaches
My condolences to the Elk Fans who witnessed the Lions devour the Elks in what can only be described as a whole sale massacre !

It truly was a great game day put on by the Lions Club. Also turned out to be the perfect night for an Elk Hunt.


The good thing is BC had, reportedly around 35,000 in attendance. A performance like this may spark some interest in the club. As for the game, BC played really well but vs an inept Elk team. Does it get better? Elks fielded a team missing a lot of expected starters due to injury out of the gate BUT the team has a long way to go. Jones seemed remarkably calm after the beatdown surprisingly. It's one game - but have to say BC looked good.

I still think these 2 teams are separated from the other 3 in terms of where they are. BC gets to enjoy this W for 2 weeks before hosting Toronto. I expect that will tell us more. Elks get to see Cody display his QB skills for Mr. Jones this week. :sunglasses:

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