Rourke makes history in win over Argos

VANCOUVER — Quarterback, Nathan Rourke made CFL history as the BC Lions defeated the Toronto Argonauts 44-3 on Saturday night.

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I saw Gerry Dattilio play. He was pretty good and could run as well. But IMO the CFL defenses are much tougher to play against then they were back in Gerry's day. They are bigger faster and use more schemes, with more pressure on the QB's. But Rourke has been outstanding.


Congrats to the Lions and especially to Rourke. Such dominant two games is scarry. The other teams better get ready to do some serious battle when they have to face Campbell's team. The lions have put up 103 points and only allowed 18 in those 2 games. That is pretty special. And best part is Rourke is a Canadian QB!
As for Toronto..... Spent a lot of money grabbing all-star players (& coaches) from other teams and look at how badly you got beat! HA! HA! HA!


It'a Scary how you Spell That Word - HA! Ha! ha!

One of the questions regarding Rourke after the first game was his long game, it wasn't on show against EE. Well the long throws killed TO dead as nails, so I think that question got answered. He has an amazing ability to hang in under pressure & strike like a cobra milliseconds before the pressure arrives. He seemed to sense every breakdown TO gave him in the secondary. He throws bullets & can run like a fullback when needed. I said after game 1 he has to keep his feet on the ground, anyone got some of those deep sea diver lead weighted shoes we can borrow?


The word scary was the one I was also going to use. The ball comes out so fast in that system, and from that passer. The Lions are making all the other teams I have seen - and I have seen all of them now I think - seem pretty ordinary.

Toronto did not play well against Montreal, and were well beaten here. We will have to be careful or Tanenbaum will make the Argos join an arena league in search of more "value."

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