Rourke leads Lions to win in post-season debut

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions earned a decisive 30-16 victory over the Calgary Stampeders in Sunday’s Western Semi-Final.

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Great win for the Lions going into Winnipeg.

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Winnipeg is Winnipeg and no matter what happens… as a long time Lions Fan I feel we won the war beating Calgary 3 out of 4 this season (not counting preseason). I can’t remember the last time we did this against the evil empire.

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I thought you were the better team all year and I am happy that you won as I want Winnipeg to beat the best, well hopefully the best next to them. Hope you guys like cold weather although it shouldn’t be horrendous. Forecast is for -5 at kickoff.

Tbh I think this is some sort of transition stage for the stamps. Like for the last three seasons they lacked that push that they used to and it has shown in the playoffs. To me I think we will see Calgary go into a transition stage and probably get even weaker in the west next season.

Well, I sure thought it was pretty and definitely hard fought. AND I’m a Bomber fan.

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Although the game was in BC and in a hostile environment, because Calgary looked so sharp going into the playoffs and has such a strong running game, thought they would come out with a win. BC however, is also a great team and I thought performed at a very high level, congrats.
Although I'm confident that the Blue Bombers will be ready next week at what I anticipate will be another sell out and loud as ever, its going to be a battle. Go Blue

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Picking the bombers here, with great confidence...but again I won't put $$_on it...last time bet on a sporting outcome for cash I was in high school...i win 5 bucks, but never got paid either. Never quite forgiven my dad on that one😉


Hahaha, too funny although I'm sure not for you, 5 bucks is a lot of money for a kid in high school (especially in the 70's lol)

BC was the better team out of the gate this season. Calgary was too uneven and I don't know that Maier is the QB of the future for them.

Still, good to see the two best teams in the west final.