Rourke leads Lions over Argos in historic night

VANCOUVER — With a historic performance from quarterback, Nathan Rourke, the BC Lions were able to best the Toronto Argonauts on Saturday night, improving to 2-0 to start their season.

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Maybe it's time to take the Lions seriously. I really didn't expect this over 2 games. Still early but I have to say I am impressed. Nice to see Rourke doing so well. As for Argos, still think they're going to do well in the East. Whatever happened to parity & the talk of 'maybe' a crossover from East to West. East now 1-7 vs West.

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Call out to Coach O’Shea and all Bomber fans… even the guy from California. The Lions are coming for you… maybe not in two weeks but when it counts the most we are coming for you.


Lions are proving to be one of the best teams in the league... too bad less than 16K there to see it live. Rourke can be a marketing godsend for both the Lions and the league... time to get moving people!

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I know that it is early but it looks like the 4 best teams in the CFL are all in the west. If you're not first in the West, you probably might want to be 4th because that might be the best path to the Grey Cup via the crossover.

I wouldn’t sell your team short in two weeks. If I had to pick a winner today it would be very difficult. And every team is coming for us every game. Your team might just be the best challenger yet. I’m certain that Rourke will be facing the best defence he’s faced yet and we’ll be facing the best offense. It’s good to see BC competitive. Now you need to get more butts in the seats. I was disappointed to read below that the attendance was only 16k. Hopefully the great start will bring people out.

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“Build it and they will come”

Looking forward to all challenges, as @Jon said all teams are coming for the Bombers including a couple from the USFL league.
The big difference between your post and many others (especially some orange guy who's green with envy) is you're straight up honest and respectful.
BC is doing very well. Rourke is proving to be an amazing QB...and the entire team seams to be responding to his excitement, that's great to see.
I hope beyond hope this all pays off in attendance. What a fairytale season this could be for the lions if Nathan Rourke ( that Canadian kid ) wins the Grey Cup in his first year as the stater.
It's a long season with 3 teams undefeated, that's guaranteed to end week 5. May the better team win.

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