Rourke Injury Update

I had a fractured foot and was on crutches for 6 months. I really hope this isnt tbe end of his season.
The Lions are mum about how bad it is.

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I really hope this isn't what you meant to say.

It didnt look good on the sidelines. I would say he's out 6-8 weeks

Yes.. Lol

Yes.. Lol

It looked like such an innocent play too, nobody really landed on him or anything, just sort of got hit awkwardly.

I never see his comments because he really does mean what he says... His ID on this site says you all you need to know to answer your question

I was going to lambaste Porky Campbell for even leaving Rourke in the game - until I viewed the entire replay this a.m. and saw that while the score was 28-10, the riders were threatening on just about every drive - just muffing out in the score zone. With 12+ minutes left, Rourke needed to be in the game as Mason Fine was showing signs of capability. Just a flukey hit where a few guys met at the QB and he got rolled up and had zero control where his feet landed - and how they landed.
Unless the doctors tell us he's out for the season - the Lions might play Winnipeg Jet Jedi Mind Games with their sparkling young QB. However, the one big tell is whether the Lions start reaching out to an NFL cut or even guys like "retired" Michael Reilly or career mope Drew Willy. Just watch the transaction wire!


Hopefully he’s not out to long and let’s see what O’Connor and Pipkin can do as replacements. (Very temporary I hope)

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Well Farjardo getting hurt might have saved your team's season

So he is done for the season most likely.. Can the Lions do twice in kne season, what hasnt been once in 60 years and unearth a Canadian QB?


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Blow to the Leo's......bad for the league....Kid was headed for rook of the year and I'm saying that over my pic Schoen of the Bombers...I hope he can recover and have no lingering effects with regard to his game....Tough game this football


He isnt a rookie. He was most definitely going to get tbe MOP award, and with 6 player of the week to his credit, very well could still. Who else will even have 3?

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Perhaps, NFL won't be interested in Rourke because of injury and allow BC to keep him in CFL? In the preseason, BC young quarterbacks played well. So there was no need to chase a veteran. Besides, BC has been a quarterback factory in recent years. Former lions include Fajardo and Adams.

Exactly, he played last year behind Old Mike Reilly. He was definitely leading MOP contender. Dalton Schoen leads ROY. Schoen has a couple nuisance contenders for ROY. If Rourke had played 12+ games he'd still be leading contender for MOP - but not with just 9 games under his belt.


Rourke is all but certain he can recover quickly. He's done it before.

“I’ve had major surgery before, I had a labrum tear in 2018 and was ahead of schedule. I have the right people around me here again and got a pretty good work ethic, I’m sure I’ll be back and ahead of the curve on that, too,” Rourke said.


Next man up.

I’m not a basketball fan but I came across this article about the 2nd overall pick in the NBA draft who also suffered a Lisfranc injury. He will miss the entire season. I believe the difference here is that he also ruptured a tendon. Plus at 7 feet tall there is more of him to heal.

(Thunder rookie Holmgren, No. 2 pick, to miss season Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Chet Holmgren injury -