Rourke finds rhythm to lead Lions in win

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions made a statement on Saturday night as they came away with a 46-14 win over the Edmonton Elks to close out Week 9 of league action.

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and that statement was "we can dominate bad/ mediocre teams at home???" the one time they played a good team at home they weren't quite as dominating. should get a more accurate read on the Lions after their next couple games in Calgary and Regina. who presumably will be healthier and more rested than the first time they played. not saying I'm still skeptical. but I'm still skeptical. LOL

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They came back and handled Sask in Sask. that’s good enough for me to put them with Winnipeg and Calgary. And even though wins are wins I would like to see Winnipeg dominate some lesser opponents for a complete game. Excited to watch B.C. play Calgary next Saturday. If Calgary wins it pulls them level with B.C. If B.C. wins they pull 2 wins ahead. Should be entertaining.


Ik it might anger some bombers fans but I do think o’rourke is currently the best qb in the cfl. Dude is straight up killing it without the supporting cast that zach. It is close but right now I side with o’rourke

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Doesn't anger this Bomber fan. (This is gonna sound passive aggressive but I don’t mean it that way.) However the Bombers have shown they don’t need Collaros to ball out every night to win. B.C hasn’t quite convinced me on that but they haven’t needed to because Rourke is amazing.

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After missing the playoffs since 2018 I'm going to take these wins, bundle them up & throw them in a corner of the back yard. Then I'm going to roll on them like a dog with a dead salmon. Good times.


So who is this O'Rourke guy you keep talking about? He sounds pretty good.

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Rourke is likely the most talented QB in the league, but Zach just wins. I think most Bomber fans could agree with you, but I also think anyone would be crazy to not have Zach as your QB in a big game.

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Absolutlely BC is a top team. I just hope it doesn't come down to those final 2 games. I might have to cheer for the Stamps next week....nah, screw that!

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Nathan Rourke continued to shine in Week 9 at home versus the Elks. :gem: He went 34-37 on the night for 477 yards plus 5 majors. :hearts: Guess who gets my game ball. :rofl: :question: The Lions will now travel to Calgary for a huge Week 10 game versus the Stamps :interrobang:

And here I thought the 'Rhythm Method' never worked.

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Yeah a part of me wanted the Stamps to win too. I'm glad we both came to our senses.

The Lions and Rourke put on an Awesome dominant game. Although the Lions are 2 games back of the Peg, they lead the league in total points for and the least points against in the league. When the Power rankings come out this week the Lions deserve the top spot.

Serious question. Why? Winnipeg beat them already this year. On the road in week five. Pretty handily.
I respect the argument you make. I don’t think it’s just about point scored and points allowed. It’s about wins. And when they played Winnipeg they didn’t get the W. They are electrifying to watch and this week against Calgary should be must watch TV. Its unfortunate Winnipeg doesn’t play them till week 19. But to be the best you need to beat the best. And so far Winnipeg is still the best.


Well said. I also would point out the erroneous statement that that the Lions lead the league in points allowed. They do if you only look at the gross numbers, but they have played two less games than Winnipeg, which means Winnipeg has allowed the least points per game.

I’m not going to be the cat chasing the laser pointer every time the Lions have a flashy game against not one of the top teams (hopefully that was a polite enough reference to the Elks).

It seems pretty clear to everyone but a few that the Bombers are still deserving of their current #1ranking. That doesn’t mean the Cup is in the bag, but losing only one meaningful game in two seasons and being in first place some 23 weeks in a row should be enough to end that discussion for now.

Building on the post you were replying to, which admitted that BC should be ranked ahead of Calgary, I would say BC should be ranked #2. That won’t be much of a debate for more than the next few days as the Stamps and Lions will decide for themselves who is ranked # 2 and 3 next weekend. No matter the results of the games this week, no other team can crack the top 3 and no team can be ranked ahead of the Bombers.


As a temporary representative of the Elks munching on grass three lawns down from me, I am authorized to give that statement 3 hooves up. :grinning: :+1:


You asked so here it is! I stated POWER RANKINGS, that is and should be different from the Standings. The Standings show who has won more games. The Power Rankings SHOULD indicate who has shown improvement over the other teams. The fact that the Lions have gotten more points (in less games) and allowed less against should indicate the BC team has more power. No argument that the Bombers are a great team with their number of "W" over their losses (zero) However I was not talking about number of wins just how powerful the Lions have shown against their opponents. The Bombers have not blown away any of their opponents but the Lions have a number of times. That is POWER ! As observed from a fan who does not cheer for either the Lions or Bombers.

The Bombers win on that metric as well for the reasons I gave, namely that they just don’t lose. By any standard they are the most powerful and feared team in the league as of today.