Rourke and his Kinesiologist launch QB camp

this is cool:


Not a bad guy to learn mechanics from. I'd love to see more young QBs with Rourke's quick release.

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his throwing mechanics are so good now. looks completely different if you watch video from his college days at ohio.

Oh that's interesting. Hopefully whoever helped him improve so much can do the same for other Lions QBs.

it was the kinesiologist he’s doing the camp with. he completely rebuilt Rourke’s throwing mechanics during his lost pandemic season.


Apparently, a lot of CFL QBs were interested in joining them for training. If Rob Williams can do for more QBs what he did for Rourke, he'll be in great demand.

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yea i saw that. Rob Williams has a thing going there that could get really in demand. fantastic that other QBs are seeing the benefits of kinesiology to their game.

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