Rourgriders vs Montreal

I picked the Riders to win and hope they do, but on the other hand seeing Crompton do well for the win is OK too.

I think it will be Riders 26 MOntreal 24 or there about. It will be close, either team isn't going to put up a bunch of points on the other.


Just noticed subject heading Rourgriders....sigh
Must be a bobo8224 error

It's my upset special this week in Big Dave's......The Riders won't go 1-17 (at least I think they won't :roll: ) this season. I'm thinking that this is a nice set up for a trap game for the Als to lose as they might be looking ahead to their game next week versus those REDBLACKS.

GO RIDERS GO :rockin:

LOL !!! Hey mister don't get me involved in this. I can get in enough trouble all by myself :lol: Heck Taylor, I'm even picking those "Rourgriders" to win this game. :smiley: :lol:

Rourgriders? ... Are they as tough to beat as Calgyra was back in the day?

Riders 31 Als 26

Riders are due for a win and Glenn played well in the last loss.

Just gotta tighten up on the D


This weeks matchups in the CFL :slight_smile:

Calgyra Stumpeeders @ Wannapeg Blew Bawmburgs
Muntreeal Luettas @ Saskeetchewan Rourgriders
Trawnna Rgonuts @ Ottwawa READBLOCKS
Edmuntawn Eskawmows @ CB Loins

Get Crompted bobo.

Riders are (over)do.

Als will see the Playoffs in their sites, motivation for them to come out harder play tough, the Riders are in tight

Sigh I wish they were still called the Rourg Riders :frowning:


They're also (over)due.

This will be an interesting battle.

I still believe the cosmos and luck will be on the Riders side.

In order for that to happen, Glenn will need to be at his best.

Als D is very good.

I'm certainly glad that WE aren't playing!! Goodness only knows what would happen to the Tiger Cats name in translation. :wink: :lol:

I hope the Riders win.

Earlier I predicted a Riders win. However, I would like to take that back.

Only because lately , every time I post a prediction on this site , the opposite happens.

Do not want to jinx the Riders.

BTW, why are there 2 game threads ? Noticed both were started by Taylorfield.

Good job Riders.

Most likely the most popular team in Canada today.

BC - Wpg - Tor - Ott and Ham were all cheering for the green.

I think it is to late for play-off hopes but could play spoiler and screw things up for some others.

Great job Riders. Nice

A truly humiliating defeat.

LMAO. I"d be quiet till your team plays with its rookie QB next week.