Round one to Burke Dales?

From the Calgary Sun:

"To paraphrase The Answer, 'Are we still talking about a fight in practice?'

Somewhere, you can hear Allen Iverson questioning the fuss made over a routine practice fight.

Most CFL players will tell you Wednesday's scuffle between Calgary Stampeders teammates Sandro DeAngelis and Burke Dales is nothing out of the ordinary.

The only newsworthy item is it was two kickers getting into a skirmish -- not two beefy lineman from opposite sides of the ball -- and that it escalated from a verbal spat instead of physical battle.

It seems if head coach John Hufnagel wasn't coming off a Grey Cup championship there would be more questions about team discipline. "

Kickers got to learn to stick and jab....

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Welt,

wow, two kickers going at it, never thought i'd here about that.

It's sure nice to have a dual role kicker in town. Unless Ticat kicker Nick Setta develops split personalities at odds with one another, the Ticats won't encounter the Stamps' "duel role kicker" problem.

The CFL should start boxing matches between kickers and punters. Setta would have to fight himself. :slight_smile:

Sandro does seem like a major "D Bag", with his holier than thou attitude whenever he opens his mouth. I swear, he's really "The Lonesome Kicker" and he just carries himself this way because his mommy probably never hugged him enough. You don't hear anything come from Burke. Chances are, Sandro probably just needed a "chin check".