**Roughriders want Dave Dickinson??

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Riders find slim pickings in QB hunt
Tue Dec 27 2005

REGINA -- Everyone in Saskatchewan, it seems, wants the Saskatchewan Roughriders to acquire a top-flight Canadian Football League quarterback.
That's easier said than done, particularly after the Ottawa Renegades locked up Kerry Joseph with a five-year, $2-million deal and the Edmonton Eskimos dealt Jason Maas to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

If Roughriders general manager Roy Shivers and head coach/assistant GM Danny Barrett are also interested in acquiring a quarterback -- and they apparently are -- who's left for them to pursue?

Only Dave Dickenson, a talented, 33-year-old, brittle pivot who earns $400,000 annually for playing roughly half a season with the B.C. Lions. Dickenson's availability hinges on Casey Printers, his understudy, who is seeking National Football League opportunities despite being offered $1.2 million over three years to remain with the Lions and ostensibly become their starter. If Printers stays in B.C., Dickenson will be dealt.

The Toronto Argonauts are reportedly interested in Dickenson, too, so he can replace 42-year-old quarterback Damon Allen. And the Winnipeg Blue Bombers might also join the party. If he stays healthy, Dickenson can give the Roughriders the much-needed, on-field leader they lost when free-agent Henry Burris bolted for Calgary nine months ago. But the Roughriders will have to surrender draft picks and starters to get Dickenson. Remember: They could have retained Burris if they had sacrificed only one player, quarterback Nealon Greene, whose status with the Roughriders has now dropped off the radar. Losing Burris was the beginning of Saskatchewan's downfall.

I don’t think they will be able to afford him.

I dont see it happening the riders couldnt afford 350 thousand for Burris 400 000 for dickenson doesnt seem likely

Downfall? They haven't hit rock bottom yet?

just because they made the playoffs by a CO, because they beat out Ottawa by two games, is hardly a downfall.

I think you completely missed his point, Kanga.....

I don't think they can afford Dickenson for two reasons.

(1) Salary. Just too much
(2) Giving up too much in trade. Dickenson would need Sask O-line to protect him. BC would probably want one or two O-linemen for Dickenson.

It is sad tho that according to the article, all we would've had to have done is lose Nealon..... I doubt it was that simple, but man.....

Besides, if Printers does sign down south, we're still S.O.L. Then who are we going for? I think we're leaving too much to chance.

You still have Crandell, who at best is a very capable back up.

If Printers signs down South, Dickenson will stay with BC

...looks like Casey is really mulling over the Leos offer.....if he takes it colour D.D. gone.....T.O. is very interested....but will he want to play behind D.A......not likely....Sask. is definitely going to be interested....but I heard Dickenson talking about the 'incident' last year involving a certain Sask. player and to put it mildly he was not impressed....can't see him going there.....most logical place the Bombers....but have they got enough dough to sign D.D. AT 400 G's....don't know....quite a quandry for ol Dave....maybe he'll retire.... :roll:

Wel, Papa, the media is sure having fun. Speculation is so much more entertaining then facts. The other rumour is if Casey doesn't sign with the NFL, Wally will sign him long term, so when they trade him, the "other team" will know how long and for how much he is locked up for.

Does Winnipeg have any good Linemen to send us? If we keep Dickenson, we'll have to build a "castle" around him so he doesn't get injured.

I wish Printers would "lose the attitude" so we could sign him and enjoy him here. Only Wally knows what the real plans are, and he's on vacation in Hawaii, leaving us all to "speculate" and keep the Rumour mill going.

Another team is the Evil Empire are they happy with chip boy? Yes specu;lation only. He may go to Ottawa also. I agree The Riders will be the last place he will look after. I have heard the same about his situation with a player in the rider line up. Bombers are a long shot but you never know but knowing Dave he looks to go to a stable outfit. Do not count out Edmonton.

They still made the playoffs in 2004 (3nd seed in the West, made it to the Semi/Division final to be beat by the Lions) and 2005 (CO team to the East, defeated by Montreal), jm02.

You can't say the same for my team the Blue Bombers, which have been on the fall for the last few seasons.

2001: Lost the Grey Cup
2002: Lost the Semi/Divisional Final
2003: Lost the Quad (aka semi) Final
2004: Lost out on COing to the East (and even if they did, they would have Lost to Toronto in the East Quad Final)
2005: Finish last in the West and 8th in the league.

THAT to me sounds like a downfall.

Saskatchewan is still doing good, only way they can fall from grace is lost out on a playoff stop next season, which depending on how Ottawa does in the 2nd half (Montreal and Hamilton will make 1st and 2nd, Toronto is gonna lose out next season to come back next season), they sill have a good charge to CO again or make the play spot in the West.

The point I was making, Kanga, that you agreed with him, then went on to dispute what he said in the same sentence.....

Ah, I see now, there, it's fixied, no I better get off this topic before I make another mistake. see ya!

The Riders can afford Dickenson. They could have afforded Burris. Burris Turned Down our deal that was basically equal to Calgary's, but withought the vehicle and Job for his wife. The Riders can afford whoever they need to bring in. So get that stuff out of all your guy's head. Whetehr they spend the money is the question.

My prediction:
Priners stays with lions.
Dickenson traded to Toronto.
Allen stays in Toronto as a back-up or is then traded to Winnipeg.

and that still leaves Saskatchewan with … CRANDEL… :slight_smile:

....I like that turn of events esks123....I would say the experience that Damon could impart to Glenn would be fantastic....and probably turn this kid into a CFL. star....even if they split the qb. starting role ...I think it could work...that would leave Sask. out in the cold....they should be concerned... :shock:

Some of us already are concerned.....

where ever DD goes he will only go if he is the starter, he is on record as saying this,so to the poster that said dont count out Edmonton well he wont go there unless Ray gets mangled in a freak hunting accident in the off season. I think he will be in Toronto with Damon Allen moving on to Saskatchewan ( Toronto will trade him out of the division for the same reasons that BC will trade DD out of division). ( Toronto can afford to give BC the linement they need in a trade) because he wants to try to win one more Grey Cup and Sask would be a better chance than Winnipeg. This only happens if Printers signs long term in BC. If I get this one right then Marty York will be writing for the North West Territory Country Gazette.