RoughRiders vs Winnipeg....3rd place on the line

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the winner of tonight's grudge match moving into a tie with the Calgary Stampeders for third place in the West Division, an increased intensity level to this storied game is certain.

The fight for a playoff spot starts tonight.

Saskatchewan leads the LDC series 23-18

IF...the Stamps can't beat the Esks....and the Bombers and Riders only split.....things are going to get tight and nasty.....the turtle-race for third is on... : :roll:

i think its fair to say calgary has the best shot at getting that 3rd spot, and that calgary would probably beat saskatchewan or beat winnipeg more times than they would lose.

indeed. calgary could beat the riders or the bombers anytime anywhere.

^^^^ and people say Rider fans make dumb coments.

who, or what are u refering to Billy Soup???

seemed to me stamp fan made an accurate statement ( for this year, anyways )

GO SASK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know who i want to win todays game?!?!?!?!?
…sask, if they win both, are 5-6 and have a 40-60 chance at making the playoffs ( if calgary loses both to eskies then its 50-50 ) from that point with 7 games remaining…and they play CALGARY in week 18 ( could be winner-take-all )

whereas winnipeg would be 5-7 ,if they won both, and ONLY have 6 games left…

im gonna be cheering SASK. i think…but if winnipeg wins, then i’d rather winnipeg win both.

Your learning Billy.Rider fans are the only ones that make dumb comments!!!

notice the DECLINE in the Blue Bombers since 2001???
2001 14-4
2002 12-6
2003 11-7
2004 7-11
2005 3-7 thu 10

Thanks drumming_god. I'm sure we all knew that...

i still think glenn can torch sask's D its not all Charlie anymore

if our D can contain Sask's offense just a lil but we could win this one

if only winnipeg hadn't dropped that one to hamilton.....could be going in to it 4-6 and could be comming outta the sask. series 6-6

Sucks for us but that just means that we have to beat the Riders in the next 2 games.

even if winnipeg wins both....they're 5-7 with 6 left....and they play montreal, toronto, and play BC TWICE...i think winnipeg's done for this year!

drumming god are you predicting Sask. and Cal. are going to win all of their remaining games.....I hardly think so... and at 5-7 there is still an outside chance.for the Bombers.........that game in hand can slip away pretty quick... :shock:

WOW! nice goal line stand buy Sask. guess i underestimated them

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Bombers throw interception when they're at the Rider 1 yard line, then fumble on their own 15 the next time they have the ball. Time to wake up.

HE'S GOT THE RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Milt Stegall

Looks like they're awake. Congrats Milt.