Roughriders vs. Ti-Cats - THF Sunday 1:00pm

I think this is going to be a good one. The team has to be looking to bounce back after the second half debacle in Montreal last week. I'm hopeful the memorial for Pigskin Pete will be upbeat like he always was.

Any news on Gable? Will Gaydosh (sp?) see the field?

Haven't heard much from practices this week other than Sinkfield is likely to play. I don't recall what happened to Greg Wojt but checked back to see he was on the 1-game injured list for Game 3, then went on the 6-game for Game 4. So, he's due to come off, or be extended on one of the injured lists, this week.

Where are Drew Edwards and Milton?
They cry foul 2 weeks ago about being held out of practice 2 weeks ago and how they can't do their jobs.
Now that they have full access, all we get from 2 days of practice is Non TiCats Chris Williams and Chad Rempel updates
The Sinkfield news is welcome but there must be more to report.
Edwards and Milton usually do a pretty good job, but not so far this week.
Could Austin be restricting info to keep it away from the Riders?

Well whatever has to be done to get a win this Sunday I'm good with as long as it's all legal.

Day three of Ticats practice and here's what's happening:
• on the injury front, corner Delvin Breaux was hurt at the end of day yesterday and isn't practicing today. I think it's still possible he plays Sunday afterward.
• running back C.J. Gable is practicing in a limited fashion but isn't doing team work. I don't think he's playing.
• defensive end Antonio Coleman, who was injured vs. Montreal hasn't practiced this week. Looks like Eric Norwood will replace him.
• I think newly-signed defensive tackle Linden Gaydosh will make his CFL debut this week.
• the Ticats have released offensive lineman Dominc Alford. Started two games at tackle, got hurt, couldn’t get back in the line up.

For all those going enjoy

I’ll be home watching The Lions game and Check on the ticats Score During Breaks.

Hate the Fact they play CFL games on Sunday after Labour Day

Cats have good Shot without Durrant playing

Sounds like perfect football weather Sunday, mid-teens and sunny. I'll PVR the Bills game and will be in Section 217 with my brother cheering on the Cats. Just did a quick check on Ticketmaster and it looks like a few hundred tickets were sold in the last 24 hours and there are very few left.

So if you don't have your ticket yet - buy today folks!

Second week in the row I am betting on the Cats.
Don't let me down like the last week boys!

No one cares.

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

It's time for the fans to be the 13th Man and make THF the loudest stadium in the CFL :rockin:

Let's not turn this thread into a battle of everyone going to the game vs. Robofan. He makes a good point about Sunday games after Labour Day - but with perfect football weather forecast for tomorrow this is going to be a great day for Ti-Cat Football!

I happen to like having games on Sunday so I can watch college football all day Saturday.
I wish all the fall games were on Fridays and Sundays.

Its like his so called streak on the Scratching post, he posts a old story or some mundane fact and claim to keep his blog steak alive

Maybe you should take over and see how you do. Where would you get stories in the off season, during the season, every freakin' day?
For God's sake, give the guy a break.

Well Cat fans today has arrived we have the Roughies against the Cats at 1:00pm at Tim Horton's Field, Home Crowd, Field advantage, Durant (unfortunately out) and the two teams the Cats are fighting with in the basement East Division both lost this weekend, we have two games in hand on Montreal and one on Toronto with two points out of first Man if that's not motivation for this team to Win today I don't know what is, it's kind of the perfect storm but it can either bite the Cats in the Arse if they play the way they did in Montreal last week or it can motivate them to a Win.

I sure hope they Win and a Real Tiger-Cat team shows up to play today and a full 60 minutes!!


I see that Gaydosh will see action and Sinkfield with start as our returner. Does anyone remember him from the Argos?

I think eventually we may see Gaydosh replace one of the DE's as a strategy to stop the run. With Durant out and a good run-blocking O-Line, the Riders will run the ball well over 30 times, especially if they have a lead going into half #2.

There should have been more motivation going into last week’s game than this week’s. A win then and we’d have been tied for first, only with TOR, and have the advantages of a game in hand and being undefeated against both the other teams. An unlikely win today, against a much stronger opponent, would put us into a 3-way tie with TOR and MTL, still with a game in hand, but not the extra advantage over MTL. My response to your “I don’t know what is” statement – Any game against a division opponent.