Roughriders vs. Rough Riders

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I'm firmly in the Rough Riders camp, but if it ends up that they want/need to go to a different name, I'd go with Generals.

FandesRens posts here off and on, and a couple of weeks ago he made me aware of a promotion going on by which a team can be awarded a 25,000 prize. The East Ottawa Generals are in the running for it. There's an article about them in today's Sun. It describes them as...

"With an inner-city demographic, the Generals provide an opportunity for kids to get off the street, to get active in a good way, to learn about what's right and wrong. They're making a difference".

One of the men behind Lansdowne Live sponsors them and has the right to change their name to whatever the new pro club would be called. Well, why not make it easy on yourself...It's original and I think it's marketable.

The name "Trojans" has history here dating back to at least World War two at different levels of play, including pro (they played while the Rough Riders were inactive due to the war). I'd be okay with that too, and it meshes well with Senators. I know of the possibility of condom jokes, but the same could be said for Rough Riders.

And really people can make fun of all sorts of team names ie. Leafs = Laffs. I like Trojans especially if there is some history there.

It would be a fitting name because Ottawa will be getting lots of action in the post season.


Go Black Riders!

Well considering the Green Riders in Regina and rightly so are the Saskatchewan Roughriders. For Otawa a vote for a nicname: Ottawa Red Riders. And when they meet for the Gey Cup it's the Green Riders vs the Red Riders. :rockin:

ahhahahaha im not sure i agree with the "Red Riders" but even so.. i dont think Ottawa would make it to the Grey Cup fer a while anyways lmao, honestly, i loved the Renegades, it was unique and kick ass.

If it ain't going to be Rough Riders, then I hope they don't try to come up with some lame variation.

In other words, if you're going to change it, change it all the way. Don't use a "new" name that reminds people of the old one. Taht defeats the purpose.

And none of this intentional misspelling of words to try to be cool. The last thing I need is the Ottawa XtremeZ or some crap. :roll:

So I take it you would like Capital City Kool Katz.
Or how about a regional name Like Ottawa-Hull River Rats

Sure, I like the idea of incorporating the area as a whole for marketing purposes as well. So maybe something that rolls off the tongue, is still "street", but also makes historical reference.

Got it. The National Capital Region Rideau River Loggerz.

We'd just call them the NCRRRL for short.

Lock it up.

Right now I couldn't care less about a name! The important thing is getting a stadium built and a team in place.
I don't even mind if they call them the CFLers, remember the Baltimore CFLers? Very excting name, they got good crowds too.............:slight_smile:

Exactly. And ultimately, I'm going to step in line with the guys who are putting about $150M into the whole thing.

What can you come up with with for the National Capital Region Rideau River Loggerz? :wink:

What about the Ottawa Horde?

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Horde?.......not bad.

I'm guessing there's an "age divide" happening here.
Go Ottawa Rough Riders!

You know why it's cool? Because it's quirky. Heck, even South Park made fun of the Rough Riders beating the Rough Riders.
Makes me happy to be Canadian.

Bring Back The Ottawa Rough Riders!!!

This name thing makes for something for us football fans to read in the off season. We do get pretty desperate. :lol:

But I think the reality is that the Ottawa football frachise was called the Renegades when it was suspended and is still the Renegades on this official CFL site, and it is the Renegades franchise that was awarded to the new "Jeff Hunt group".
So it does makes sense to me that when the Ottawa franchise gets up and running again, that they will still be called the Ottawa Renegades.
When its all said and done ticket sales won't be drastically affected by the nick name. I know I have relatives in Ottawa who have already put down their money towards season tickets. The last thing they're worried about is what the nick name will be. The long wait until 2013 or 14 is more of a concern.