Roughriders vs. Rough Riders

If you wanted to go the historical route you could also go with "Saint Pats".
The original Rough Riders merged with the Ottawa Saint Pats in 1907. Plus the name is not generic. It would be like the Hamilton Tigers merging to form the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Just a though.

how bout 'The Ottawa Saints', then?

i prefer the name to start with an R, so they can atleast look like the old ruffies.
i think the key is to look like the old RR and have the records of the RR, but not the name.

altho, with my pic below, im sure everyone already knew my position.

Howz about the Ottawa Referendums

Ref`er*en"dum, n.; pl. -da. [Gerundive fr. L. referre. See Refer.] The principle or practice of referring measures passed upon by the legislative body to the body of voters, or electorate, for approval or rejection, as in the Swiss cantons (except Freiburg) and in various local governments in the United States, and also in the local option laws, etc.; also, the right to so approve or reject laws, or the vote by which this is done. Referendum is distinguished from the mandate, or instruction of representatives by the people, from direct government by the people, in which they initiate and make the laws by direct action without representation, and from a plebiscite, or popular vote taken on any measure proposed by a person or body having the initiative but not constituting a representative or constituent body.

Doesn't that just shout out Ottawa!
Best of all you could still use the big R on the helmet.

Another good example: the Atlanta, later Calgary, Flames of the NHL.

Atlanta Flames made some sense, General Sherman having pretty much burned Atlanta to the ground during the US CIvil War. But Calgary Flames? I don't recall Calgary having ever been subjected to a similar conflagration............they should have renamed the team upon that move.

They might want to save that name for a Quebec team.

Jazz is a retarded nickname for a team regardless of where they play.

Why not have them both be the Riders isnt there some sort of beer league soccer thingy that calls half their teams FC Im assuming it stands for Fried Chicken. Correct me if Im wrong.

I assume it does in Kentucky.

Since Buck 65 is from Halifax, maybe a team could be called the Halifax Hip Hop.

Call 'em the Ottawa BeaverTails. What is more Ottawa and Canadian than that? I used to love the beaver....and the tail in Ottawa!

We used to have a junior hockey team here in Kelowna called the Buckeroos. They used something very similar to the cowboy on the horsey thing that was a old RR logo. go bucks go.

Speaking of stupid sports names for Utah teams, how about Real Salt Lake (MLS)? That drives me nuts ... are there even any spanish people in Salt Lake City? "Real" has absolutely nothing to do with SLC, or Utah, or North America. They just took it because Real Madrid uses it. Stupid. Especially since they wear Barcelona colours!

Steal an NFL name if need be.
Such as:
The Ottawa Patriots, The Ottawa Saints, The Ottawa Capitols (NHL), The Ottawa Cardinals, etc. Be dumb to have 2 Roughriders in the league, that may have flown 50 years ago but not today. Either SSK or Ottawa should change the name. Seeing as SSK currently holds the name HINT HINT.

"Real" is spanish for "Royal" and teams use it to give them a Royal status. Yes there is a huge Spanish speaking population in Utah.
Also other teams in the US called - Real - Real San Jose, Real Shore FC, Real Maryland Monarchs, Real Colorado Foxes(womens team), Real Colorado Cougars(womens team), Real Sociedad (Honduran team), Real Mamore(Bolivina team), Real Atlantico (Puerto Rican team), dozens more in Europe.

I think "Real" would be a great name for the Ottawa team. They could keep the R on the helmets.

"Real Ottawa" I love it!!

There aren't too many Spanish-speaking people in Ottawa, and the "Royal Ottawa" is a hospital in Ottawa mainly for people with mental problems, so I don't think that OSEG will go for that name. :wink:

Rough Riders it is.

Yes, and I think it's stupid for any American team to try and pretend they're from Spain. It's a European (and specifically, Spanish) name ... who is Real Salt Lake trying to impress? It comes off as a gimmicky marketing ploy, ripped off from the big team. Same thing with Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas. At least "Dynamo" is a somewhat-suitable sports nickname in English, too ... though I'm sure that's not what Houston was going for.

Huge spanish population in Utah? What about in SLC? I admit I haven't looked into the actual numbers, but Utah isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind (or the 30th) when I think of where there are large Spanish populations living in the States ...

honestly just go with the Renegades, we dont need a duplicate, Renegades is awsome anyways, when you have a retro game, just wear retro rough rider jerseys with the R on the helment and so on, itd be kool

Put me in the anything but Rough Riders camp.

C'mom, try to inject some creativity into this. Ottawa has a long history, is our nations capital and home to many of our cultural institutions. Calling the team Rough Riders just shows a lack of imagination....

Yes, Ottawa was the first in the league to be called the Rough Riders... & when Regina came along wanting to sign up the league should have made them change their name then & there. But they didn't & we had two teams of the same name (no sense in pretending that the names are that different!). Ottawa has come & gone a couple of times & now, as far as I'm concerned, Saskatchewan owns it now. It's time for us all to move on, remembering the Ottawa Rough Riders that we loved & maybe the Renegades too (just a little bit)... It's time for a new name & a new era! Rider Pride belongs to Saskatchewan.

Before you get all pissy at me, let me say: I grew up an Ottawa fan. I live between Toronto & Ottawa & so as a kid I was allowed to pick what team I wanted to go support & I chose the Ottawa Rough Riders... & I loved them!

Does anyone have any name suggestions???............... I say it should be something patriotic (since it's Ottawa, our capital). My first thought was the Ottawa Patriots but that is already an NFL team & maybe it sounds too American anyways... But I do like it. Can anyone come up with a better one?

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