Roughriders vs. Rough Riders

In a recent article (Sorry! Can't link!) Jim Hopson (of the Saskatchewan Roughriders) says he'd rather any new Ottawa CFL team not be called Rough Riders! He thinks there should be only one team of that monicker in a 9-team league!

Sorry, Jim! Why? Why would you have a problem with a return to what is right? You're putting retro jerseys on your team. You're on board with the League's "retro thingy"! You like the extra $$$ from that stuff, huh?

Why? 'Cuz you're concerned about all those jokes we used to hear from CFL-Bashers about 2 teams in a 9-team league having similar (not same) names! C'mon!

The 2 NFL teams in NYC have played in New Jersey for the past 25 years.... in the same stadium for crying out loud! In Eugene Melnyk's beloved MLS, two teams share the same stadium (LA Galaxy & Chivas USA - The Home Depot Center - Carson, CA) and each considers it THEIR home turf!

Every sports league has its little idiosyncracies, Jim! Get behind tradition! Rough Riders or bust!

im with Jim

...Although the old Rough Riders name holds a lot of nostalgia for me, with regard to a great era in the CFL.. long past...its time to get into the 21st. century....There was nothing wrong with the 'Renegades' handle.....If they don't like that one ....go another route.....I have to agree with Hopson....there is now only one Roughriders...keep it that way...(of course the team returning is still all speculation...but i feel... has a good chance) :slight_smile:

There can only be ONE name for the Ottawa team:

Rough Riders

As much as we all like the old Rough Riders, it's time to move on and a new name is needed.

I don’t agree with Jim at All. Ottawa should be the Rough Riders. They were the Rough Riders first. They were known as Rough Riders before Saskatchewan became a province. Look it up if you don’t believe me. How really cares if there are two teams with similar name. Do you think people in SEC country care the the Auburn and LSU Tigers have the same name. They place together in a six team division. I was born after the Rough Riders last GREY CUP victory. But they did have a great tradition in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s a same that poor management led to their death.

Bring back the Rough Riders so the Argonauts could wipe their a$$e$ again.


Man, even though I knew a severe beatdown was on the way, I loved the Rough Riders/Argos match-ups most when Dunigan was at the helm. God those were fun!

My thoughts exactly - new start, new name and stadium. What better way than to go with and entirely new brand?

Sharing a Stadium is different than sharing a name. Using the same name ( I don't care that they are spelled differently) will give all the anti CFL-ers more bashing material.

Time to start a new era. New team, new name.

I heartily extend my middle finger in the general direction of the anti-CFL'ers.


........Ottawa Riflemen...........

No reason not to keep the name Renegades its a good original name way better than Riflemen or Rough Riders

renegades atleast has a cool nickname....'Gades.

argos, eskies, Stamps, Gades....what would u call the rifleman? rifies?!?

I already thought of that.

Leos, Stamps, Eskies, Riders, Bombers, Tabbies, Boatmen, Als....... and "Ruffles".

Haha get it? It's like "Rifles", but it lets in some of the old "Rough Rider" name.

I don't see anything wrong with using the name Renegades again. I thought it was unique. Except maybe bring back a helmet with a big R to be used for some games.

Put me down for Rough Riders :smiley:

Renegades is kind of a generic name. There is nothing about it that has anything specific to do with the Ottawa area. Anything but Rough Riders is okay though.

Ravens, as in Baltimore Ravens, is generic too and are there any such birds in the Baltimore area? Ok, names are important but only to a certain extent beyond that it's about the organization and all that.

I think Ravens is an Edgar Allan Poe reference. I guess he was born there.

Utah Jazz, anyone? I know they used to be in New Orleans, which made far more sense name-wise but it was not changed even though Utah is not exactly known for this its jazz scene.

I wonder if there are a lot of rams in the St Louis area. :?

Go Rough Riders!
There's only one name for me, the name they had for a hundred years. :thup: