Roughriders vs Montreal

This game against the Als is a study for me on how Saskatchewan performs as their next game in Regina is against Calgary.

Anything is possible!

I'm currently 0-3 in predictions this week.
My sincere apologies to the Montreal Alouettes and their fans. To the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their fans, you're welcome.

This is I expect from today's game... the Riders to get crushed again... but its my hope that they can put in a good showing and make a game of it... I would be totally shocked if the Riders beat the Als... but from what I saw last week, the chances of that are slim to none, and slim just left town..

Als are still without Watkins and are starting a 23-year-old rookie at left tackle (Bourke is injured). This game IMO will be closer than people think, though I'm still picking Montreal to win.

I’m also 0-3. I went from winning 7 straight to losing 3 straight. Ouch. :frowning: Montreal damn well better win! :lol:

Riders will lose by 21 pts min in this one I believe.

The main question I have about this game is if Montreal has to keep their starters in the game after halftime or not.

You mean didn’t pick the Esks to beat Calgary? :o

Count me in too rpaege as I also took the Plummet route. :frowning:

I'm ashamed to admit that I thought we'd lose. :oops:

I think you knew what I meant dariderfan in my above (study) quote as I feel next week the Roughriders may/will get their first win of the season against Calgary. Anything is possible! So thus GO RIDERS.

Would expect alot more out of Riders not want to play next home game without at least showing a good effort in this one. That said Montreal by 10.

I'm glad Sask held Montreal to a FG. I'd rather not end the weekend with a blowout. :lol:

Plenty of football left

Nice to see the Riders match the Als blow for blow so

How long can we keep winning if we keep shooting ourselves in the foot with our coverage teams?

Oh, there is plenty of football left, I agree. I just expect Montreal to slaughter Sask, so it's nice that it's 3-3 right now.

Good news, Riders hangin' in there. Not getting kicked to the curb.......yet.

Riders have an opportunity here to set the tone of this game.. 7 would be a good way to do that

What's with AC today? Either throwing wide or too far. :expressionless: