Roughriders vs. Eskimos

Could you please keep us people in Sask. who've been blacked out updated in whats going on in the game. Update us on the score. Thank-you.

15-10 Edmonton

15 to 10 for the Esks..Riders have the ball mins left in the 2nd


(I can't believe I just said that :oops:)

17 to 16 for the riders 2 nins left

Not only do the Riders suck. It also sucks to live in Regina because of the TV blackouts. You should leave that province like the intelligent one's do.

Esks are beating themselves by keeping Rider's drives alive with penalties.

24-16 Saskatchewan

from what i hear on the radio it sounds like both teams are getting pretty beat up. How many injuries have there been so far?

Crandell is having the game of his life and Ray is stinking.

Touchdown Eskimos!!!!

24-23 right?

3rd and 1 Sask couldn't do it!!!!



Stupid call by Danny Barret to go for it on 3rd and 1. Cost him 7 points!

bad for Danny , good for the EsK's and they made him pay the piper

What does the Rider's & Billy Graham have in common??????
They both can make 25,000 people stand up and yell Jesus Christ.
...... I figured some people might like that one.
Anyway sounds like it's been a good game so far,I would of loved to have been there ,but I'm laid up at home right now ,it really sucks that they have to black it out .Oh well hubby is there enjoying the game cheering on my rider's.I hope they pick their socks up a bit more.
:mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

What's with McAllums kicks? He keeps kicking short?

Riders need a new kicker bad.

LOL no comment . :mrgreen:

Ray's been absolutely amazing in the 3rd Quarter.

He's beat the Riders on the play action to McLendon 6 times. If the Riders keep this up they're done for.

this is getting pathetic. Need to send some pressure so they can't do stupid timing patterns through the middle every single time.