Roughriders vs Eskies

Getz should have caught that ball in the end zone.

Man he's disappointing this year. His numbers are good, but he should be waaayy better if he could just hang onto a ball

FG sask, 20-10 with seconds to go in the half

All of the bounces have gone Edmontons way thus far. Also, terrible PI call that Stamps drew. Riders have to remove their heads from their nether region before this gets out of hand.

This game is being blown by turnovers and a soft D. I don't think the bounces are the difference.

Riders need to spy Joseph and put more pressure packages on him, and force him to make mistakes.

Durant needs to stop throwing INTs. I'm normally a big supporter of his, but he's either telegraphing his throws or something...the edmonton DBs are all over him

Will that idiot in the booth PLEASE stop saying "tack on a no yards to that"???!!!

All in all; another brick in the wall - Eskies blow the game wide open - lead 34-10

This is what I had hoped wouldnt happen. Riders always score first and then disappear at Commonwealth. Joseph has played well

yeah, there's not much question about who is the better team today.

I'm not sure if its the Esks playing that well or the Riders playing that poorly. A bit of both, I think.

I think he was OB before he crossed the line

Esks have been stuffing that play all day. Try something different already

Nice...different play. TD +2

Thats the 2nd huge PI call thay extends a drive. There was some hand fighting, but thats a bad call.

Agree. Total BS call. Against a guy who wasn't within 20 yards of the play, too.

They likely just got the number wrong.

Hey, Dust, the Lions are down to 2 in the Elimination Game thread....I've already voted today so I can't do it again. Just thought I'd mention..... :twisted:

Total Domination [stats]; Evil Empire leads 37-18 ....Skookum :rockin:

VERY poor, one sided officiating in this one. Allowed 2 main Edmonton drives to continue. The league needs to do something about this. Just takes away from the game.

Edmonton has dominated in all fairness, they would be winning even without 2 borderline long PI calls. Its just salt in the wound.

Wow, looks like Kavis Reed has the offense turned around in Edmonton. Anybody still trying to argue that he "threw Crandall under the bus" instead of just acknowledging that Crandall isn't a very good OC at this point?

Regardless of officiating, the Esks are beating the Riders because they deserve to. Sask is playing like crap and Edm is playing like a pro football team.

Its almost like the Riders were looking past this game, and it bit them

I would agree with both these comments, but football is a game of momentum. The Riders, despite the fact they were down by 10 going into the half, had a key drive to swing some momentum back to them. The Esks came out, got a brutal PI call and kept the Rider defense on the field. Had that drive not turned into a TD, who knows what happens.

37-20 Edmonton final - Cross over is alive