Roughriders vs Eskies

Big crowd with Saskatchewan up next for Edmonton - Eskies will need more than just Fred Stamps....Charles should be involved more so on play action [Boyd?]; Sheets/Durant are on their game too and will continue to do so. The Riders are coming into their own...Coach Chamblin deserves credits. McCarty should be ready to go - thus for Messam; not the player from yesteryear... Bertrand is missed big time in the FB position. So thus, Skookum to the winning team :rockin:

Short week for the Riders, how we'll prepared will they be?

Traditionally don't play well in Edmonton, even with having a far better team on average over the past 5 years (last year was an exception :wink: ). I think Edmonton compares to Toronto in their style, Charles is very active out of the backfield. If they can fly around out there and bungle up the short stuff they should limit the points against. Obviously Stamps is the real threat, especially since he's really come on of late.

After this week, I really hope the Eskimos win out.


Yeah, I'm wondering why only "After this week" too? :cowboy:

might have to rely on Stamps, they released Boyd this morning.

In my view (which is clearly biased) the Riders are a better team, and that if they minimize mistakes (turnovers and penalties) then they should pull out the win no problem. I think Edmonton has to play out of their heads, win the turnover battle and get a great game out of their defence (which is definitely a possibility especially with Sherrit back).
All that being said it is Commonwealth and the Riders just never seem to win there, unless its playoffs.

Because with a Rider win this week they clinch a playoff birth (guarenteed at least 3rd in the West). Edmonton then plays BC, Montreal and Calgary. 2 out of the 3 teams the Riders fighting with for a home playoff birth. Really I dont really like Montreal, and it really doesnt matter to me one way or the other who wins.

I took 'this week' as meaning last week. My bad. I thought you wanted the esks to win out from right now.

assuming the Riders don't pull their traditional choke in Edmonton. they should be able to win this game.

the last time the Riders were in a position like this, they did come into Edmonton and beat them. 2007 was the year, and ACTUALLY haha.. they eliminated them from the playoffs that game! hmmm so maybe??

Great day weather wise for this game...Go Eskies.

I am at this game! Lots and lots of Rider fans!

...omg...citb is mobile and active....

back to back turnovers and a Riders TD

I was sure happy to see the snap after the edm fumble, though. I don't think I'd have liked the result of a review. :twisted:

Good punt by Shaw..miss-handled on the catch - recovered by King. Fumbled right back by Koch - Riders drive it up the field ..Dressler from Durant..7-0 Sask.

Sandro miss-handles a punt..[-3 yds.] TD Eskies..Joseph to Stamps from the 22 yard line - all tied at 7

pretty entertaining quarter. Looks pretty physical down in the trenches

Physical on a lot of fronts too…exchange of UR penalties [Koch and Russ] these two teams like to bring it on… 8)
Just like the old days [Cal. vs Sask.] now it’s Esks vs Riders, good stuff - FG Shaw…10-7 Edmonton

Riders are playing pretty sloppy

Fumble, bad snap on punt, now and int... they need to get it together