Roughriders vs Edmonton

August 10th at Commonwealth - Game of the week?; team that wins lays claim to top spot in the West....Go Eskimos.

...we on again, Bud?

You bet we are on....Ramble Tamble - Cosmo's Factory by CCR...... :rockin:

Jesus. Getting an early start, are we? :lol:

No comments from chickens who don't participate. :thdn: :stuck_out_tongue:

Chickens? You talk to mpdid lately? :wink:

Can never start too early to when it comes to slaggin the city of champions,who's been in a bit of a drought :twisted:

Still got more than you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to be in attendance !

I am going! (duh)...

I have a bad feeling about this.

I seriously want the Riders to win and kick the living SNOT out of the Esks but I just have a bad feeling about this game.

my fear is that the Esks are going to be pumped for this one, they'll be ready and the Riders are going to come in and choke like Grandma on a chicken bone.. :frowning:

I hope my feelings are off way off... but I also hope that with my GF going to her first game ever that she'll set a new precident! :rockin:

Of all the outlandish things you've posted having a girl friend is probably the least believable of all :lol:
Which shade of green does she cheer for Forest of Kermit's crotch?

Esks 19
Sliders 11

Going to be a good night for football weather wise in Edmonton for the game. Looking back to last year in October; Eskimos defeated Sask. 17-1 in Edmonton - Roughriders returned the goods earlier this year by the same score in Regina. Likely there will be a good crowd for this game, perhaps around 39,00/40,000 would be cool.

That would be awesome if she shows up at the door wearing an Esks jersey LOL

For sure for this match-up the battle drums, smoke signals, war paint, and all the tough talk start early.

These games each year seem as fierce a rivalry as their banjo bowl with Winnipeg, but then again I have only been around this game for three years.

Ah give the guy a break I say and good for him in introducing a new fan to the game. Give him at least credit for that. Many a girlfriend or date would not want to go and would make up any given feminine excuse you know.

As for the rest of his comments, well, more on that I am sure from everyone later.

Enjoy the game and your date all the same CFLIsTheBest. :thup:

My sister tells me you've had monsoon rains there lately. Hope it stays dry!

Eskimos O-line situation very soon; :cowboy:

LT- Devin Tyler
LG- Simeon Rottier
C- Kyle Koch
RG- Greg Wojt
RT- Orrin Thompson

It does not look like we’ll be full strength for this game though.

Otherwise I can’t wait for the Eskies to seriously rough up the Rider lines on both sides of the ball and take it from there.

I foresee also some dirty plays by the Riders in their disgust with the flags to fly as well, but game on and it’s part of the deal when our best offensive line is back too.

Not sure i agree with the Riders playing a dirty game a tough yes but not dirty.

Looks like we have some guys coming back from injury, still game time decisions, so we should be good to go. Jyles will tank it, being rusty after the lay-off. I hope KJ plays better for you guys when he's put into play.

Riders 35, Edmonchuk 2. 8)

Hey you doubled your score from last game we played. :smiley:

Seriously I see another tight scoring game a d it will be tough to win in Edmonton.