Roughriders vs Calgary

This game could be a close score, or perhaps not...Calgary's Taylor [return game] is a concern for the Riders. No turnovers as of yet for Durant. Decent weather is in store at McMahon Stadium...should be a good one.

So far our special teams had done an excellent job against all the returns they have faced, I'm not worried, Dickenson has them play well like they did last year. ST was our best part of the game last year.

PS I predict a Rider win. It will be a close game. Our D is playing very well. ST too. O has to improve scoring wish bot Oline is doing great even with the injuries we've had.

One of the bright spots so far has been net punting. Dales has the best punting average, but his net punting is close to 5 yards less than Milo's. He's done a tremendous job of directional kicking thus far. Even when he hasn't boomed a punt, he's put it in a spot where the returner isn't getting much change at a return. I predict a close game.


  • Well, the Stamps have put up the most points this season, but the Riders have surrendered the least.
  • The Stamps actually have the best completion percentage in the league, but also the most thrown interceptions.
  • Taylor can be a game changer, but the Riders ST proved last week they are capable of containing big returners. The Riders may have found themselves a return game as well.
  • Yards from scrimmage are very similar both offensively and defensively.
  • Riders have a slight edge in rushing offensively, though Cornish was shut down hard last week, and they have fumbled a couple. The Stamps have the best run D. This will be an interesting aspect of the game!

+Riders - The giveaway takeaways is a glaring difference thus far (+8 to -4).
+Stamps - Dominate in first downs produced and time of possession (Riders are last for TOP)
+Stamps - best run D thus far [Stamps] vs worst per average gain [148 yards on 10 rushes in week 1 did not help the +Riders average...they have been better than the stat indicates...Walker is so damn explosive!]
+Riders - Sacks...the clubs are the same for surrendering sacks, but the Riders have 9 and the Stamps 6 defensively. The Riders never recorded a sack against BC, and Glenn is likely the least mobile QB the Riders have faced

Cornish needs to have a better game than last week, and the Stamps obviously need to work on turnovers. Glenn needs to have a quick release against what has been a formidable pass rush (2nd in sacks after playing 3 of the more mobile QBs is a stat to fear a bit). The issue with quick releases is that the Riders have looked pretty comfortable in man coverage, making a Cornish run game even more important.

Continue with the strategy of not making the big turnover, because if stats are any indicator the Stamps will turn it over once or twice. Time of possession...playing safe and not making the big mistake is great, but 20 minutes a game possession is not a good minimum, over the course of a long season this will likely wear the D out. Be prepared for a quick release (man) and pressure pressure pressure.

If the Riders can get a quick lead, and thereby take Cornish out of the game a bit, it could be a long day for the Stamps. If the Stamps can establish a running game and force the Riders into more zone, they should be good.

I think this is going to be a close game, and I believe it will produce about 50 points...not going to guess on the outcome though.

I may not agree with this statement at all.

I don’t think it’s as big of a concern as you believe.

the Riders were able to take care of Williams in Hamilton, and BC’s Brown.

their special teams has been pretty special so far so i’m not too worried about Larry Taylor.

I predict that this game will be the breakout game for Durant.

Williams hadn't been established as the go-to punt returner when the two teams played, so saying that the Riders "were able to take care" of him is not entirely accurate. The way the Riders "took care" of him was by only punting the ball three times. The best way to minimize a returner is to minimize his returns. Taylor will only be effective if he gets a chance to be. The more opportunities he is given, the more chance he has of making an impact. Sustain drives and hit field goals, and even the best returner is useless.

you can word it however you feel if it makes you feel better! :smiley:

Agreed, Instead of is a concern; ..>[could be a concern]<.. are the words I should have said.

...way to cover the bases there Mr. Non-committal :lol:

...GOTW? I'm saying yes with a back-and-forth battle ending up with the stamps pulling out a squeaker to keep the home-W-streak alive....there, I just jinxed my team....

GOTW - Guru Of The Week; I guess I'm a Back Door Rider..Roughriders win in a blow out - committal enough for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bad feeling about this one. Calgary's safety sucks and Dressler should eat him up. Glenn has no receivers to throw to, unless the opposition counts?? Cornish seems to be sulking and the Riders are on a high and playing pretty well. Nope don't like it, don't like it all.

Go Stamps!

It's not Dales' fault but rather the Eskie special teams as need a whole lot more work also on kick coverage for sure.

:lol: He does that often. :P

Here's your counter-jinx: I picked the Riders to win. :smiley:

I'll see your jinx and raise you, I say Glenn throws zero picks tonight and Cornish has the game of his life. :wink:

Link to game for those outside of Canada or without a cable TV at work or on duty:

[url=] ... lgary.html[/url]

The feed comes on in about 15 minutes given the delay. It's usually either the direct TSN feed or via ESPN Live via the UK.

Huff looks likes a lobster.

Close game, some nice hits out there.