roughriders vs argonauts -) game thread

Lets keep it going to finish off week 2 of the '14 cfl season. should be another fun game. too bad it's early in the afternoon but still going to watch it. i might have to bring out the television on the deck looking out onto the lake.... cfl needs to look at not scheduling early games like this especially in the summer months....

but with blue bombers and eskimos 2-0 this is a big game to stay on top of the tough west division. the argonauts are going to have a tough time getting over the big beat down from week 1. i'm sure Ray and Owens are going to come to play. Milanovich is a good coach and should have his team ready for the 2nd game.

Riders by 3 TDs. Our d looks great, Ray will have problems. DD will have plenty of time yo throw the ball

Early afternoon? This is a noon start in my time zone. At least its not as bad as those 9am Sunday games in Montreal. :stuck_out_tongue:

:cowboy: :rockin:

It is always tough to win on the road. Riders need to play an elevated good game to win. Argos should be mad at their performance last week. Go Riders Go.

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I predict that DD is going to have a ball tossing short cross routes exploiting TO's weak secondary. Look for Getzlaf to have a big day.

Riders by 21

OK I guess Getz is a scratch today. Looking for Dressler 2.0 to pick up the slack.

Argo's score first, 7-0

Riders driving and a nice catch by Bolden for the interception. Durant has underthrown Taj Smith and Swain on deep routes that would have been touchdowns.

This looks a lot more like the Argo O expected in week one.

The Riders are determined to throw deep. Perhaps opening stuff up for later. DD has 2 int throws on the season, but boy...2 very nice picks.

The beginnings of a rout? I expected a Rider win, but I was hearing a lot of talk about the Riders routing the Argos leading up to this game. People reading way too much into 1 game.

Riders should feel lucky to only be down by 16 after Ray nearly throws for 300 yards in a half of football.

301 and counting for Ray. Looks like he in mid season form.

That was such a weak Roughing the passer call. A little stumble into the QB is now roughing the passer?

What a catch by Barnes 24-1!!!

After a rouge the Riders get some life on the Taj Smith TD. 25-8 now.

Oh oh Riders are coming on!

Well 25-15 now. We may have a game for the 4th quarter.

Owens almost went for 6 on that kick

What's gotten into Ricky Ray

Put a fork in this one 34-15 !! :smiley: