Roughriders to get new stadium, expected to be done in 2017

REGINA -- Football fans in Saskatchewan have received the news they were waiting for -- a deal has been struck to build a new stadium.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall announced the news to fans at the city's current football facility, Mosaic Stadium, prior to Saturday's CFL game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the BC Lions.

The new 33,000-seat stadium will be built on Ervaz Place lands in Regina and is expected to be ready in early 2017.

Wall called the Roughriders "Canada's Team" and he said it deserves a world-class stadium.

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Great news. The Rider fans/people of Saskatchewan deserve a new stadium. Imagine fans in Montreal and Toronto cannot even draw 25,000 to their games.

Riders/Saskatchewan is the model of the CFL. Great news for the CFL.


This is actually old news by about 2 weeks. It was time for the politicians to get some camera time.

The 2017 dates seems why to long, overly conservative. Even the olympic facilities don't take that long once construction starts. They just don't want what happened in Winnipeg to happen here. Unless there is something we don't know it should be ready by mid 2015 or for 2016. Using 2017 is an easy target that they can say they are ahead of schedule during construction. I just ope I can get season tickets.

Yeah I think it's conservative, but better to be conservative than have Winnipeg's situation (really unfortunate for Bomber fans). I think they will also be doing a tonne of site work around the exhibition grounds to make it a better overall complex, so all that extra landscaping and upgrading could take a bit of time (and it would probably have to be done after the stadium). They might also have to work on some pathways and roads to make sure cars and pedestrians can both leave the stadium with as little headaches as possible. You don't really want 33k fans walking through a construction zone if all aspects of the project aren't complete.

Sounds like a super project there in Saskatchewan, very nice. :thup:

It's not old news. We heard a few weeks ago that the Provincial Government would commit 80 million towards building a new stadium, but at that point there wasn't anything official yet. This confirms that they've got all the money in place, and they will be going ahead.

Awesome news and I like the part about the possibility of covering the roof into a dome.

how can it take 4 years to construct a stadium?.....hire the construction crew from winnipeg :cowboy:

LOL, never thought of that. Might not be a bad idea, the can get right the second time around.

the irony in these posts about hiring the people from winnipeg is… the delays… several of them ,really most of them in a very aggressive time frame, unrealistic really time frame, is the steel for the stadium, well, those workers installing that are well…they are from hamilton. The steel has caused some delays. :wink:

Reality that alot of people in winnipeg have learned is building stadiums of massive proportions, well, you have delays… and the other thing is, alot of people dont go to school to build stadiums. You have to bring in workers because its not like new stadiums are going up in every city every year right… its a once in 50 100 years thing… congrats to sask. Its about time for sure.

4 years is a long time tho for sure, perhaps saying so because of the winnipeg issues, bombers over promised, they didnt deliver, if the sask stadium is ready in 3 years, i’m sure the fans won mind. 33,000 is smaller than winnipeg’s also. Probably expandable tho to 48 like ours is too tho?

im guessing for 300 million, you are looking at a stadium very similar to ours actually… no roof for 300 million, thats for sure. But good for sure.