Roughriders to bid on 2020 Grey Cup

Roughriders to bid on 2020 Grey Cup: Reynolds

CFL News?
#Riders President @craigreynolds8 announces on @sportscage that Saskatchewan will bid to host the 2020 Grey Cup. #CFL via @rodpedersen

Are we ready to host the big game?

because of course they are…

followed by Toronto, BC, Toronto, Calgary, Halifax and then Timmins for some reason…

That would most certainly have a Shania Twain half-time show. ;D

Could someone give the commissioner a map and circle “HAMILTON”…what is the big hold up us getting the Grey Cup here??

Did we bid on one?

In my mind I’m already wandering around concourse.

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Cut to #Ticats fans slapping their foreheads in frustration.

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Can’t imagine why... :wink:

The City of Hamilton.

Time to do something about it Caretaker

How is the city holding it up. All the lawsuits are settled.

No excuse not to at least let’s the fans know what the thoughts are regarding hosting in 2020 or 2021.

Would certainly help with seasons ticket sales if people felt there was a chance to be first in line to get tickets over other teams fans.

Issue might be this whole LRT issue with construction creating havoc.

Bobs response makes me think something is up.

I also think it’s ours if we want it. Edmonton then Calgary. I believe they’ll come East should we want it.

It would only make sense to go east in 20 than back to Sask in 21. But Sask probably figures if there’s no bids in yet why not throw their name in the hat.

Now if we both bid and we lose we have the right to be angry.

Im just waiting for the usual response from the team,

Yada Yada STADIUM.

Yada yada LAW SUIT.

Yada yada HOTELS.

Yada yada CITY HALL.

Yada yada…

This isn’t the CFL at all sending Hamilton a clear message that they’re getting no sniff at a Grey Cup one way or the other as long as it has anything to do with it… naw… they’re the stewards of diversity and inclusion except and trust me Lefty institutions all have their pet exceptions - the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

I was Hamilton for the Cup in 1996 and they put a great show on...the city made itself proud.

Not everything is a Deep State conspiracy

No bid = no cup

LRT could be the reason, but only small parts of the route will be under construction at any given time, so I don’t see that as a major impediment.

The city needs to bid, this is ridiculous.

Yeah but Hamilton always seems to vote left so why shun it’s supporters. :wink:

No, the real reason is that Hamilton was once voted as the worst road trip according to the 2009 CFL Media poll:

Worst CFL road trip
Hamilton — 60.9 per cent
Regina, Winnipeg — 14.6
Edmonton — 7.3

Since then we have a new stadium which is undersized for a Grey Cup but since they put it in the same location, there is still a lack of hotels, restaurants, pubs or other touristy things to do. Most people would rather visit a CFL city that has something extra to offer besides just the game.

Like Regina and Winnipeg?

On a related note, I never win the lottery, and I’ve narrowed down the reason to two possibilities:

A) massive government conspiracy, or

(B) I don’t buy lottery tickets

I’m almost certain it’s A.