Roughriders @ Tiger-Cats

Well the final game on the CFL this week will be the Roughriders @ the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton at the new and partially opened Tim Horton's Field.

The Riders came off two impressive and strong back to back wins over Winnipeg in the Labour Day game and Banjo Bowl and the Tiger-Cats got Zach Collaros back finally after 7 missed games due to a concussion earlier in the season and are 1-1 since his return, they should have had a win last week against Montreal but I guess no one told this team they must play a full 60 minutes because they left at half time.

I was looking forward to this game from the Grey Cup game of last year in Regina when these two teams met and Saskatchewan manhandled the Cats on to victory and I was hoping to see Darien Durant play but not he's out with the elbow injury (hope the surgery goes well and he heals up and gets back soon). Regina has a good team with or without Darien and in many ways you would think this might be blowout tomorrow in Hamilton, it depends though which Tiger-Cat team shows up to play if Collaros has a hot hand and gets great help from his receivers and run game and the defence plays well enough the Cats could pull out a victory but than again if the same team shows up that did in the last game Regina may be able to build enough of a lead and try out a few back up QB's, it will be a long day for Hamilton if thats the case.

Being a Cat fan I say Hamilton 31 to Regina 28

What do CFL Fans think?

What is the capacity at the new stadium is still restricted? I was hoping to head out for a game there this year, but the issues have made us decide to postpone that.

As far as the outcome...hard to say with Tino's first start. On paper, the Riders should win the line battles, and that is basically how they have been winning this season. The energy of the new stadium and the sound quality and noise it brings...huge factor.

Still limited to 18,000 tomorrow and most likely the same for the Edmonton game next weekend on the 20th. It should be the full 24,000 for the October 4th game vs. BC.

Hamilton - 12
Roughriders - 26

I wish Durant luck, but I'll say this: His being out might actually make this game competitive, unlike the last two times these teams met. If Sask had Durant, I'd be taking the Riders in a three-score blowout.

Of course, the Cats still have to deal with Chick.

its been more than the last couple...37-0 early last year. Now the Cats were dreadful early last season, and have not measured up to how they played out the end of last season, but they have had extra troubles with the Riders of late...for whatever reason that is.

And yeah...I had forgotten about the 10 sack outing for the season know that Cats OL is coming out fired up with redemption on their minds. If the Riders can get past them early it could crush their that will probably be huge to watch.

CFL Fans, all good comments for sure, it should be an interesting game but agree either hamilton comes out fired up and make a game of it or it could another long day?

Will wait and see.

The good news for the Cats in the basement East Division this year is that both Montreal and Toronto lost their games this weekend and Hamilton has a game in hand on Toronto and two on Montreal and just two points out of first in the East, if that's not motivation for this team to win I don't know what is??


That FG was in by an inch. :lol: 3-0, Cats early.

Looks like the Cats are trying to establish short plays, misdirection, and get ball into the hands of the playmakers

A lot of quick hitters from the Ticats so far.

A 50 yarder and a 51 yarder. Talk about being on your game.

How do you stop 50+ yard field goals? Medlock 6, Riders 0!

D'oh, Dressler was open on that play, just overthrew him.

Yep! He will have to calm the nerves...

I am being forced to watch the Bills game by family members. I assume the game is sold old?

Better question to ask in the TiCat forum, I would assume it would be though.

18K... like last game, still has restrictions on capacity

Not a great 1st quarter from the Riders. Absolutely terrible 20 yard punt from Milo.

Call it a turnover

You have my sympathy. :lol: