Roughriders seem to not be taken seriously in 2007 so far..

They got a New HC.

they got a bunch of experienced WR's..

They did lose a few players but they also gained as many as they lost.

anyone who's Anyone in the CFL as a fan or media guy, knows that there are talented stars out there that any team with the right scouts can find and bring to their team and will make that team much better!

The Riders are not being given much of a chance this year, and I believe that many of them are going to be dead wrong once the season is done!

don't count the Riders out at all folks or you'll be sorrrryy!!!

the Riders:
-New HC
-Big Holes in the Secondary
-So-So QB(yes he can run, but he love to fumble)

The Riders need to compete with Calgary and BC.

But like all teams who are Winnipeg you need to wait until TC is over because every team except Winnipeg and Maybe Hamilton will making cuts based on Salaries and not ability to play football.

IF BCL, CAL, SSK or EDM need to make some big cuts due to salaries to get under 4.2M(the Max I expect either of those 4 to spend) then their pre-season positioning will change greatly.

Sure Sask has alot of Receivers but they have what? 8 Import Receivers?
at max 6 would be kept, but with Fantuz, French and Grant it is more likely that 4 max will be kept. So 1-2 of those experienced guys, like Anderson, Murphy, flick, armstead or Dominguez will get cut.

and then there is still the questions about the secondary.

Also going by the website, if the Riders have 15 DB's + 11 Receivers in camp how can the riders afford to bring in competition at other spots?

that's 27 guys for 15 roster spots(10 starters)?(around 5:3 ratio)

meaning the other 14 Starter spots alone only have 41 total guys(. 41 guys to fill out the other what? 30-31 roster spots?(Around 4:3 ratio)

Great camp competition at WR/DB but alot lower everywhere else.

I'm not holding my breath about the Riders this season. With the changes they've made, I'm positive they won't finish at 9-9 again.....whether it goes up or down from there is yet to be determined.

They might be in pretty good shape if the Eskies tank again, which I suspect they might.

I can sum up in one word why I don't give the Riders much of a chance this year - AUSTIN - with a bit of Tillman thrown in just to be sure.

When Mr. Austin was the OC for Toronto it was a horrible thing to watch at times. The boatmen provailed despite him - not because of him. The guy can not adapt or think on his feet. If the game plan isn't working he would just stick to it - no matter how ineffective or embarrassing in was becoming.

So good luck green-riders - but I don't know...

You win the prize! You are totally correct! Why in the world would you hire a guy that was not good enough as an OC. I would give Dunigan a chance over Austin. Tillman he is a step up from the clown man Shivers. But with all those ex Renegades thats hope they do not ruin another franchise. :lol:

Some fans think Saskatchewan may be in a rebuilding year. Afterall, new personnel have the benefit of the doubt and they need not do well in first year. Also some personnel changes seem questionable. For example, Austin isn't exactly an inspiring choice as head coach. The west is tough and another Edmonton collapse would be unnatural.

It seems the consensus according to most of us on here is that the Riders will finish 3rd this year. As long as they make the playoffs, Ill be ok - I think.

The only sure bet in the West this year is BC. The Riders could be anywhere from 2 - 4, which depending on the strenght of the East, could still mean a playoff spot.

At this point in time EVERY TEAM has a chance at the grey cup. Im not counting anyone out.

Hey as of today the riders are in first place! :lol:

Which is higher than the Stamps will finish... :roll:

But still only tied for first though.

Yes but we get the tie-breaker.....

What constitutes being taken seriously?
Are we supposed to just hand them them Grey Cup?

Ah :lol: yes the anual prider plan the parade day! :lol:

i think the riders will struggle to find their connection early on and maybe lose a few to start off.
But then come midseason they will turn it up bigtime!!!
Playoffs for sure.

Thryllin: Cool name!

I think the 'riders will make the playoffs. As much as I hate to admit it, my beloved Eskies probably will not be able to turn it around in one year.

…I dunno, danny et al have made some significant changes, we could all be surprised…

as have the Riders…